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Life Without Friends.. - 30



After few days, he again came to my place and asked me to walk with him. I agreed and spent few days with him and our group knew about it and came together to discuss about it. Nora, it was a bet, don’t betray Gloria, she doesn’t deserve this, just call Shane and tell him that we were playing because of bet. May be that idiot understands what his place is. I Listened them silently. Hannah is right, everyone agreed with her, except I because I thought that Shane liked me too as I observed.  Nora, don’t be silly and don’t meet him again. We started for a bet and you have gone on another track. Hannah scolded me. Although I knew that he was my best friend’s husband so I should not get involved and he also flew in wave of emotions. When you will tell him just notice his reaction that did, he even feel sorry for Gloria. Grace and Marlin were just over me.  When Shane came to us, we told him everything and he shouted and was angry with all of us and especially me and left for Toronto.


I met Byron and got busy in my life again and some other day he approached me again. I refused and told him it was over and it was just a game. He quietly agreed to remain friends promised not reveal the secret ever again. We all six friends forgot and decided to keep quiet as nothing happened. When I was in Toronto, he tried meeting me because he wanted to leave Gloria legally. I refused to meet him and this time he has come to New York to convince me again.

I open my eyes, take a bath under hot shower and pick up the keys from basket and open Mrs. Marie’s apartment. I call someone from cleaning company. They send one cleaner and she gets busy cleaning the apartment. I check the closet and finds photos of George, Marie and his father at the back of the photo was written, “my family”. I see other photos too. George as a player, his father Mr. Benson and Mrs Marie. I found some letters from Switzerland which seemed personal and some related to George’s health. My dog Brownie runs here and there in Marie’s room. After cleaning is done, I lock the door and while returning to my apartment I smell gas leakage from Mr. Davis’s apartment, I bang his door but it was closed. I move to my balcony and jump into his. Brownie and I carefully enter in his main room as it were opened thought I was little nervous but I remember that I have come here to save Mr. Davis. I go to his kitchen and found gas pipe worn out and needs to be changed. The gas is leaking from here only. I check the burner and call emergency number. I hope they will come soon. I open the main gate so that emergency team can come inside. As I move towards the door. I see his bed room unlocked and goes inside. Out of curiosity I open the drawer and found some familiar photos in his drawer.

I took out the photos and see them and my mouth drops open. I was shocked to see these photos of my friends Aaron, Marlin, Joey, Hannah, Grace and mine too. He put some black mark on the photos except mine and other photos were of Mrs. Marie and of a man he was none other than but George’s father Mr. Benson and there was a lady standing next to him in the photo. Who is she? Who is standing with Mr Benson? Oh my gosh! he killed them. My hands begin to shake I push my legs to move outside. I call Brownie he was busy with plants. He digs out the mud from pots and I recall what doctor said that he can smell better than a normal dog due to immobility in his bark. Let’s go, I pick him up and shout, what are doing naughty? As I run towards my balcony, my eyes found parts of skulls. Water prevails in my eyes and I try to jump to my balcony when I was pushed back and it was Mr Davis only. Mr Davis leave me. What are you up to? He pushes me again in his balcony. My dog howls over him and he picks Brownie in his hand. He barks, even bites on his hand. Your foolish dog spoiled my plants. Let me show you, his place. Please, leave him. Nora, I don’t like your dog from day one when I saw him. He is nasty and threw Brownie from balcony. I cried Brownie! Oh no, you threw him. I hold his collar and he pushed me hard and I fell on the floor. I had already called emergency number Mr Davis, this time you will not be spared. You are a serial killer. You killed everyone! Mrs Marie, Mr Benson and my friends. Shut up you bitch! he holds my neck and pushes tightly. I begin to lose my breath. I try to push him but failed to do so. Then I pick up a plant and hurl on Davis’s head and he lose my hold and I push him away and I clearly saw that it was Gloria who saved my life. She hits him from behind and I run towards her, she hugs me tightly and I cried and She quickly went inside to bring water to keep me awake.

The police took Mr Davis body because he died of cardiac arrest. Gloria hit only damage his skull and he lose his breathe due to sudden heart attack. He killed Mrs Marie and hid her skull in plants. He also killed his wife. The woman standing beside Mr.  Benson in photo was his wife Skylar. They both had an affair. He found them together and killed them. Police found some letters written by his wife Skylar to Mr. Benson which confirmed that they were having an affair. He was caught following his wife on the road where she was found dead. But doctor claimed that he is mentally unfit and needs treatment not punishment and he was sent to asylum for six months and Mrs Marie spread rumour that he is in jail that’s why he hated her but Mrs. Marie found out that her husband was hit by Mr Davis car. When she tries to reach the police after knowing the truth, he killed her secretively and buried her in plants.  He also killed my friends as it clears from the cut footage that he followed them before their murder and he was there at the time of their death and knife through which he killed them was discovered from his house under his bed.