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A Daylight Robbery

 Victor  was sent to his aunt's place two kilometers away from home,Just near his aunt's place ,he saw a group of suspicious looking people,but ignored them.They followed him for a short while,Then disappeared into the bushes , Victor 's heart began racing and thumping dangerously against his weak chest ,suddenly he broke into a run for his dear life not to be taken away,One of the men tried to purshed him but a speeding car separated them on a very busy road,Victor began screaming for help but nobody heard because thought he was just playing a ride down  on a street clused with hearted gear like a busty bus full of mad people,The wind was maoning making his heart-chill music,Soon as he reached where his aunt settled  he bang the gate as loud as he could,and the group hide themselves in the bush and squat under the bush,One of Victor's cousin Keith opened the gate ,Victor ran first as he could praying that the ground would bury him a life without spite.Later on  the men entered inside the house  he looked Victor with eyes of skinny out and went inside the house,Victor's heart palpitated as he waited anxiously,The men's eyes looked thick moustached  and eyes as red as berries . Without dilly dalling throut.Victor's teeth rotted as his feet buckled at the sight of his aunt,cousins and the thieves ' in a spilt second the man took out his gun and demayed that his going to shoot everyone.Keith requested to one of the thugs tif she can go to the washroom to help her self,Keith went to her room to call out of the police for rescue, One of Victor's cousins ran and hid onto his room , thanks for everlasting father that know one of the thugs saw them. On that spur of that moment, he heard a blast that could a worken the dead in the mortuaries .Victor's heart skipped Mighty beats as frigid sweat trickled down his face and ampits ,Sooner later some police broke into his aunt's house, The police officers said you're all armed up" pointing their gun to the thugs,Which made the thugs to handover their guns and stayed frightened as if they have seen Satan teaching in the Sunday school sermons  for  their  first time  egos.They were all handcuffed and. Taken to jail, In the past few days......Victor's  Mother Mueni and her husband's infidelity made them to divorce which affected Victor's Mental health,Victor runned away from home and went to  live to his aunt's home , One day when  Victor was passing by his uncle 's room he heard the conversation between his Aunt and his Uncle that he was the one who sent the thugs to rob Victor 's parents by telling them how the thieves stole everything from them ,Something suspicious that made  Victor to worry was that both of his Aunt and Uncle were laughing like they have seen an animal consulting a doctor of a phenomenon disease, But this changed his live up side down ,