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Malkia , who was 16, had lost her father to AIDS three years previously.Her mother had died a year later,leaving  Malkia and five  siblings behind . During the period of mourning after her  mother's death, relatives seized their household goods, including bedding, cars , utensils and furnitures.The children then moved to their grandmother 's house.Life with their grandmother was not easy. And Malkia ' s brother, Collins, who was 14 , decided to go to his maternal grandmother 's home where life was not any better. There was little food. He was able to secure employment as a herdsboy for a salary of 500 shillings. This was  not even enough for his food and grandmother 's ,Malkia had to drop out of school after her mother's  death due to lack of school fees. She felt that life was too harsh and decided to go to Nairobi to seek employment.She was able to secure accommodation with a cousin. Before long , the cousin could not house  her any longer and Malkia  had to leave .In desperation,she went to the streets as a beggar. She was treated with a lot of hostility by other street girls and in her straying , landed in Mathare slums where she was employed as a house girl. In her new employment, she met a man and when he offered her a place to stay in , she readily moved in with him . But luck was not on her side because  she soon conceived. When he broke the news to the man , he threw her out.Malkia 's spirit did not break.She approached a friend who agreed to accommodate her. She was also advanced some money which she used to start a small business of selling vegetables , fruits, and snacks . Soon , she was able to rent a room in huruma Estate. With time,she was able to invite her siblings to live with her. They helped her with that small business since she was already heavy with child. Finally Malkia gave birth to girl . As is common she took the baby for immunization . While in the queue waiting for her turn to see the doctor , she got involved in a conversation with the a middle aged lady whom she later learnt was a HIV/AIDS  counsellor. She explained to the counsellor the hardships in life she had gone through. The lady counsellor promised to visit Malkia  the following day. The lady counsellor was very punctual and talked in a friendly way.This  surprised  Malkia because she had not met many people like her . She  learnt a lot about  HIV/AIDS, its causes, effects and how to avoid  getting  infected. They countinued meeting  thereafter and Malkia was finally recruited to work  among her friends and neighbors as a HIV/AIDS counsellor . She was paid in allowances to supplement her income. Malkia 's life completely changed . She was able to take her siblings school abroad and developed a stronger purpose for life. Now she a billionaire in Newyork