Disability is not inability books and stories free download online pdf in English

Disability is not inability

There are times when one 's past  comes back to active mind. At such times, one feels like reliving an event from the past. I remember the golden statement of my history teacher ," The past should feed your present so that you come out better person in the future." Fabian was my boyhood friend. Unlike associations of grown ups, childhood friendships often has little rationale. We were friends but l cannot remember what held us together since we were completely different . He was big in size rough. This made him a bully over the other smaller teenagers. Because of his roughness, many of us felt safe being with us on our side on many issues. One day as we walked to high school  , we came across a man lying by the roadside. At first we were shocked since we thought he was dead. Fabian, the biggest among our friends, went towards the man lying. He immediately recognized him and shouted back that almost awakened the dead in the montuary , " its  Hussein, the ugly man who limps! Come nearer!" he commanded. We went nearer and confirmed that  it was indeed Hussein, the disabled man who used to walk with the support of crutches. Hussein was a good- hearted and lively though he often got sick. He was  unfortunate this morning since he had tripped, fallen and had been unable to get back on his feet without assistance. As we watched the man helplessly, Fabian looked at us, at the man lying down and at the water carrying , which was meant for the trees we had been assigned to tend at school. "Pour your water on this ugly man!" he roared , wearing a sadistic smile." No ! This is not fair . Instead , we shall help him on his feet again!" I shouted,not knowing where l got my courage to talk to Fabian that way. My reaction shocked him. He slightly looked at me and smiled and the punched me on the face l cried out loud , but not even my friends help me they thought we were just making  up our secret relationship . The other boy became furious. In unison , l really challenged  him . When l discovered the force against him, he just walked away hurling insulting me that we broke up and l didn't know what he was dear taking to me . I helped Hussein to his feet. He was so pleased that he  wished me a lot of blessings .l proceeded to school as Fabian walked away. His words  remained I'm my mind to this day. The final examination came . Most of us passed with flying colors, but Fabian did not ma he it to university or even to a village polytechnic. My life in university have been a nightmare. One day l passed near by a Italian restaurant my fortune shock l saw Fabian cleaning the floor l almost jocked out laughing , suddenly  on my behind it was  Mr Hussein , he told me how Fabian pledged him to get a work their in his fantasy restaurant. Guys don't judge a book by its cover . Disability is really not inability. Pls Guys wait for part two please follow and comment and share this teaching thank you 😊