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All kings and monarchies are gone. After Completion of kings era are kings all are vanished.But in one region, the rule of the king continues. Those kings are not born who rules the people they are born as kings to love people. if any one are facing with a problem , they go and help to the people standing in front. They say that if a girl sheds tears, it is bad luck. A girl came to city after completing her education from a small area nearby village. The girl who could not stand without her father, thought that she should get a job and support her father. She went to many companies and was disappointed wherever I went every time I was disappointed.It was a very difficult time and she was unable to pay her hostel fee. She was in an unbearable situation. She endured everything. On the one hand, she was disappointed, on the other hand, the debts incurred by her father, on the other hand, she thought that she should support her father, who did not take care of the entire education of her sister. She thought that she should leave her town to see what would happen. But a ray of hope came in her life. she got a job. It was the biggest happiest news in her life .She called them at home and told them about the matter. She thought her problem was over. It was time for her to go to the office. She got a job on research, he does not know anything about that job,and there is no one to help her.she seems to be brave girl but not. By explaining and after a lot of preparation she gets ready for office. But somewhere there is fear of unknown. Tension that everything will be there but must go and settle.Fearing that, she went to the office and took her offer letter from the reception there. She went to her job desk but they were looking at her so strangely. She took the offer letter and gave it to the manager. What are the positions in that office i.e. Senior Scientist, Junior Scientist, Sub Junior Scientist. In the office they have to make a medicine and know how it works. They are given work according to their positions. Research is done there for many years.Employers are divided according to those departments. They are grouped according to the medicine research. As said by the best manager, she joined group A. Being the first day, she introduced her self as saishrestha to everyone. She talked very well with everyone. They all went to lunch together. There everyone asked her which group she belonged to. Our best team is Group A. As soon as she said that, everyone looked at her in surprise. She asked what she did not understand. Everyone asked why you are joined in group A. She did not understand why she was saying that. Group A Senior Scientist was very strict and does not listen to anyone. That's all there is to say about leaving the job. She said that she should meet SS (Senior Scientist) immediately. She went there and was stunned to see SS. She asked the head officer who was there that she should change her group. He wants to put other people in group A and put herself in another group.