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Many times centuries pass by expressing

To show love in time to appreciate


we don't master ruth, or you're the driver

Agreed, knows how to celebrate


there seems to be too much love

Keeps looking for an excuse to hug every moment


People are always saying something or the other

Don't be so afraid of the world




Let there be ways of love, life passes easily

Life gets better when you find the right partner


There is power in blood relation believe it or not

Life shines by standing with you


Time's job is to keep moving, so it keeps moving

Life doesn't stop when someone leaves




Guru's blessings should continue

Let the flowers of happiness keep blooming


keep the ganga of knowledge flowing everywhere

Ignorance must be stitched with light


store words in books

sweet sweetness should be kept on drinking




you are the desire of the ages

you are the last hope left


He is taller than God

You are the definition of mother's love


echoing in the wet fizz

you are a spectacle to behold


Precious flowers blossomed in Mira Bagh

You are the protector of rare wealth


my world of love is different

you are the map to reach me



Come let's get wet in monsoon

Hand in hand we sang lovely songs


This is the only prayer I keep praying to God every moment

May we get the best of the best life


Even if you get scattered, you will not be able to collect any sorrow.

No one could separate us because we are friends


The harsh sunlight of life will not touch us

While sulking, we just got absorbed in each other


were wandering till today, come carelessly

We built beautiful homes in big places




Dev ke dev har har mahadev

Har Har Mahadev gives happiness


snake necklace

Neelkanth Har Har Mahadev


Tandav dance is unique

Bhasma Dhari Har Har Mahadev



Oh heart, it is difficult to smile even in pain

show the world to laugh


To the beautiful rose drowned in the deepest sorrow

Liver is needed, hands embrace the wound


Listen, in love, sulking goes on.

It is not easy to persuade the angry


to the one who takes small things to heart

Those who deliberately inflate their mouths have to be beaten


have taken a stand and will continue to do so arbitrarily

today by any means to bridge the gap



sweet evenings are slowly falling

life is flowing slowly


Life is a picture and fate too

whispering softly in some ears


Fill it with the colors you want and beautify it

walking slowly with unwanted colors


keep yourself happy

growing easily slowly


Those who live in the soul do not forget

living together is slowly bearing fruit



Listen, don't call every time on the pretext of tea

say once come for us


Compromising doesn't make a person small

Compromise itself brings comfort and peace


A carefully guarded leak doesn't support

Where does the obsession with loyalty come from in these times?


Khwahish e dil hai aise hi taluk banane rahe hain

whenever he comes he brings his rain


Some secrets hold a higher status than love

maybe that's why someone likes so much


When I sit down to think, only one thought emerges.

What is this relation with each other in the universe?



Patience shattered by the storm of memories

and sleepless nights


no more hope

heart toy got angry


intended to be deleted

he was beaten with the hammer of love


create leaks with loopholes

found the strange trap


Guess we're all alone

lost hands on the way



Aaj kasid nazrana hai laya

There is a lot of gift in the eyes


colorful looks beautiful

message of love came along


Whose desire remains every moment

Sakhi Tasbur got face to face


happy to have a treat

fizhao sings nagma pyara


pleasing to the heart

Looks like loyalty



won't be dependent on anyone

Will not tolerate pain and sorrow


Don't mindless that spoil the flow

won't say it with my own words


Broken a hundred times for wishes

don't go with the flow of emotions


even if happiness is at stake

never rob each other's peace


Even if you get tired of knocking

Will not break after drinking alcohol in a bar



listen life calls you

to hold in your arms


to enhance personality

to show new happiness


says live carefree

to plunder the sweet treasure


friend in big world

to match each other


brought a wonderful life

to teach you to laugh everyday




everything is sacrificed on you

be at peace in your heart


lays eyelids waits

how long has someone been calling you



keep on dreaming of riches

always walk on the path of truth


keep trying your skills

must work hard


If you want to be successful in the world

Should be filled with courage in body and mind


open heart eyes

must move around


Friend to keep the name of God alive

write your own story



income should be saved

should be blessed with income


lose anything don't lose yourself

should be ashamed of things


leave the greed of parties

should be respected in the society


no matter how special you become

people should be served


even if you touch the sky

Heaven should be at home