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Cultivating The Future

All the toil, all the travails were finally over. After the grueling three months of classes, backbreaking weeks of Preparation Leaves and tumultuous days of Exams, our Fifth Semester had culminated once and for all. Now were the moments to rejoice. Time to have a ball. We had a week off before Sixth Semester classes resumed. In a jiffy, I decided to spend these precious few holidays at my Buaa's home. My Buaa's village is around 100 KMs from my home town. The place is peaceful, has fresh oxygen and lots of greenery. Perfect vacation locale, I thought.

So, the next morning I backpacked my luggage along with my Dad's. Yes, he accompanied me. As he always does. Still the small little princess for him, I am.
Next day, early morning, even before the chickens could quack and the cuckoos could sing, we had reached the Bus-Station. A sparsely crowded bus awaited us. Funneling along my suit-case I caught a middle seat and placed myself comfortably by the window. I looked out.

The morning fog, the Chaiwallah's steam and the dust out of Sweeper's broom had joined forces to form a blurry picture of the surrounding. The sunlight was sublime yet kind. I could smell the serenity of dewy soil, the mouth-watering frying Bhajiyas at a nearby stall, the intoxicating fallen leaves. I took a deep breath, hoping to devour all this positivity of nature. All I needed now was good music. I took out my smartphone, created my usual playlist and connected the earphones.I was just about to plug them in when I distinctly overheard the conversation taking place on the seats just ahead of us. Two girls seating in front were chatting vehemently. The conversation went like,

Girl1 said, "Dont you think all these Engineering College Courses are just waste of time. Waste of resources. Waste of talents like us. Waste of everything!"
Girl2 retorted, "What do you mean?"
Girl1 answered, "I mean, what do we learn in these four years? Mathematics? Tell me, when will we use Laplace Transform in our future life? Fourier Series, Integration, Derivative? Where the heck will we implement these methods?"
Girl2 laughed, "Hahaha yes true! Absolutely waste!"
Girl1 continued furiously, "Forget Maths. Physics? Chemistry? Any other blah blah blah? Unless we are going to become scientists in those respective areas, what life purpose do these subjects carry? Nothing! Zero! Zilch!"
Girl2 nodded, "Hmm very true!"

I glanced at my Dad. He was looking at them as well. Maybe he had overheard them too.
I vaulted straight to the topic, "Why did you put me in an Engineering College Papa? Such waste!"
He smiled and replied, "No Sarba. These College years are the most important years in any Engineer's life."
I shrugged, "You tell me then. Why am I studying these subjects? As that girl said, they have no future role in my life whatsoever! So, why? Can you answer?"
He pointed his finger outside the window and asked calmly, "Can you see that?"
We were crossing through lush green wheat fields. Almost ready for harvesting.
I replied, "Of course, they are wheat pastures."
"Hmm", he continued, "How do they grow?"
"Where are we going with this Papa? I asked you a question first!", I got irritated.
"Just answer this. Then I'll resolve your problem. How do these crops grow?", his composure was unnerving.
"Farmers plough the field, then they sow the seeds, then they provide water to the whole land. And with time, crops emerge. I don't know the details, but this is roughly the whole picture."
"Your answer is enough." Still smirking mysteriously, he continued, "So, what grows into these green beautiful harvesting crops?"
"Seeds of course!", I replied annoyingly.
"Exactly! Seeds! These Engineering Years are the Seeds in your life."
"What? What does that even mean?" I blurted back.

He answered, "You kids my dear, are a barren land at first. The school years plough you. They make you propitious. Ready for the seeds. They create the base. They complete the first but very important step. Then us parents, the farmers, decide what seeds are suitable for a land like you. Some lands support the Doctor seeds, some prefer the Architect seeds, while some like you favor the Engineer seeds. Now you see, innumerable, heaps & loads of seeds are sowed. Watered. Taken care of continuously. But after a period of time, the land, as rebellious as it is, supports only a part of those seeds and only few crops are germinated. All these subjects are those numerous seeds. Some you take a liking towards, some you don't. Some crops grow some don't. One Engineer might love the Laplace Transform and might even do a PhD in just that one concept. Someone else might like Chemistry. Or Physics. Or Microprocessor Based Design. Or C, C++, Java. The point is, these subjects make up a whole four-course meal. Now, if you don't like the chutney, you don't blame the chutney right? You keep it aside and eat your roti with that Aalo-Sabzi you like."

And it dawned upon me.
"Hmm right. And it's not only about Subjects. We learn making new friends, team spirit, management skills, so many valuable qualities. These Life lessons are like fertilizers and pesticides for us lands." I sheepishly smiled adding my own analogy and feeling proud about it.

Suddenly, the girl sitting ahead turned back and interrupted, "Okay, I understood everything. But, I have one question. How to keep aside my chutney? I mean, Mathematics? I have failed thrice in it!", She frowned.
Confused, we looked at each other and laughed our hearts out.

I couldn't thank my Dad enough for his explanation, that brought me back from the self created trench of misery and helped me realize the importance of all the subjects we learn as Students.
We still are learning, we still are students.