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The Story Of The Panchatantra

Panchatantra was originally written by Pandit Acharya Shri Vishnu Sharma. The original text is composed in Sanskrit language. But later it has also been translated into various languages. According to one report, it is the second most translated text after the Bible. Panchatantra is considered not only among the Granthratnas but also among Amrits. It is the best story in the world.

In the sixth century, the fame of Panchatantra was spread throughout Bhumandala. And its first translation had already been done in Iranian language. That is, its creation period can be considered as the fifth century.

In this volume composed of five sections, Pandit Vishnu Sharma has kept a main story and interwoven its sub-stories. In such a way that the original purpose of the story is not damaged, the stories have been translated here and tried to put loose structures. The purpose of Pandit Vishnu Sharma is to educate the princes. So the waterfall of enlightenment flows in these stories. The animal and human-demon characters are charmingly described so that this teaching does not feel dull.

Arutalaya gestures of animals and birds also become the driving force of humans. May it be revealed in these stories is

Composition of the Panchatantra

  There was a big town named Mahilavati in the south of India. There was a kingdom of a king named Amarshakti. There was a big fort around this town, the fort had fifty-two doors and windows, mansions and numerous houses. In the midst of all came the great palace of the king. Diamonds and rubies were innumerable pieces of gold. Sows and wells were not in abundance. The structure of the city was amazing. The town had all the comforts. The people there were happy and prosperous. People used to come from far away countries for business purposes. King Ammarshakti was also kind and philanthropic. In his kingdom, the hungry would get food. There were also many Pandits in the court of the mighty Rajan. Because of his prowess, the king of the surrounding kingdoms could not even dare to look at this city. There was no crime rate in the state. If someone commits a crime, the criminal is punished severely, so no crime is committed. All the people also respected and blessed the king.

Despite this prosperity, the king was sad about one thing. He had three sons. But all three were fools. In no way

Not understanding. And behaving like minded. King Amarshakti had only one worry. His age was increasing. How will this state run after that? Who will run and who will obey the people? Who will give justice and protection to the innocent? Such worries were not over.

The king thought that it would be better not to have a son or that the son would die because it would be sad for a few moments to not have a son or that he would die. But a foolish son hurts all his life. If the mother who does not have her own son's name is called putravati in the calculation of the merits. Who is called Vanzhani? Both the king and the queen were sad because of their foolish sons. The king decided to ask the Pandits to find a solution to his suffering.

The king filled the assembly of Pandits and poured out his grief before them and said, O Pandits, show me some right path so that my sons will become wise and take over the administration of this kingdom and the people of my kingdom will not suffer.

Hearing the story of the king, all the pundits felt sad again. After a while, a Pandit said, Maharaj, the study of grammar takes twelve years. I will teach the princes grammar for twelve years and make them proficient in it. So another Pandit said that after studying grammar, one has to study mnemonics, ethics, ethics etc. for twelve years which will make him adept in worldly knowledge. And they will be able to run a happy state.

After listening to the pundits, the minister of the state said, "Now is the time and we have to absorb more knowledge. The words and scriptures are endless. But like a swan takes milk from water, it would be better if you, Gunijan, suggest some solution so that the princes will be ready in a short time after absorbing the essence of all the teachings.

Pundits start debating. At the end of the discussion, they unanimously say one thing that Maharaj meet Panditacharya Vishnu Sharma, a widowed Sarvashastra scholar and a Vinayi Brahmin like him can help you.

Hearing the words of the Pandits, the king saw a ray of hope and reached the ashram of Pandit Vishnu Sharma in the forest with the books. On seeing him, Pandit Vishnu Sharma bowed down to Raja Pandit and told him the reason for coming. O Acharya, my life is diminishing. And my three sons are fools. I am worried about my people and state which is troubling me. Night sleep has also become haram. I have requested all my Pandits to teach my sons to be intelligent but no one is willing to bother. As suggested by all of them, I have come here to meet you and seek our grace. Apashree my princes by imparting the knowledge of ethics and economics, remove their stupidity and become proficient in the scriptures, I will gift the Sahasra village to you.

Pandit Vishnu Sharma understood the helplessness of the king. He thought and said patiently Maharaj Manne Dhan Maan

  Nor the greed of the earth. I do not sell knowledge. However, I promise you that if I do not educate your three sons in just six months and make them smart, intelligent and versed in scriptures, I will give up the name. Listen to me again. I do not do anything because of the greed of money. .My senses are relaxed. What do I need money for now? However, for the success of your Partha, I will make the princes wise by making education and entertainment. Write down today as your day. If in six months I can't make the princes master the scriptures like others, then I will be degraded!

The ministers and pundits who came to the king's rasala, heard this promise of Bhishma and became agha, but the joy of the king could not be exceeded. He left the princes he had brought with him in the ashram and left for the town. Thus Rajarani felt relieved after handing over Pandit Vishnu Sharma to the princes.

To make the stupid princes intelligent, Pandit Vishnu Sharma thought and composed the stories of animals and birds in five tantras as the essence of all scriptures which are as follows.






Sitting near the princes, they started telling the story of these interesting animals one after the other. Even the princes were so interested in listening to the story that they even forgot their food. At the end of six months, there was an unprecedented exchange of intelligence and knowledge between the three princes. Under the influence of these stories, he became a master of all sciences from a fool.

At the completion of six months, King Amarshakti came to Pandit Vishnu Sharma's ashram with his minister. The three princes welcomed the king and the minister politely. The minister was surprised to see such polite behavior of the princes. He tested the princes by asking questions one after another. The king and the minister were amazed to hear the learning and cleverness of the princes. The earlier foolish princes became clever and intelligent. The king and the minister bowed before the teaching skills of Acharya Vishnu Sharma. He thanked Pandit Vishnu Sharma, took leave of the team and returned to the city.

The foolish princes who became wise after hearing the stories of the wise and clever bird. There is no doubt that the intelligence of the reader or listener of those stories is developed. Even today Panchatantra is the first place among the story books of the world. This is the story of our country. There is no significant language in the world in which this book has not been translated. One who studies and listens to the ethics through these entertaining stories, even Indra cannot defeat him.