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want to get wet in the rain of eyes

want to get wet in the rain of memories


The story in Raah e Zindagi is buried in the heart

want to get wet in the rain of promises


Ishq e arzoo hai chandni nitrati

want to get wet in the rain at night


Have come to the party with great leisure

want to get wet in the rain of ragas


Today peacefully in the presence of Hushn

want to get wet in the rain of music


Friend of beautiful and true love

want to get wet in the rain of taunts




You are as young as a mogra's bud

be the bridge of the city of love


wish to meet everyday

you are more beautiful than a flower


the road can be crooked

drive carefully you little one


have been wanting for ages without getting

what are you thinking about today


don't hear the knock

Where are you engrossed quietly



One does not become a pundit by reading scriptures.

love is not broken by conspiracies


nothing happens by accident

no action is without fruit


out of memory

waiting is not accompanied by meeting


keep it in mind till then it's ok

it is not beneficial to live in blood


in two to four days

not desired to get



Shankar drank the cup of poison

lived with snakes around his neck


God of Gods Mahadev in Himachal

did an orgy to scare people



don't be attached to anyone

everyone should salute from a distance


try to live in peace

Strong ties should not be filled


There are many more sorrows in life

one should not die for love


keep dreaming with open eyes

should go into deep sleep everyday


sometimes silence is necessary

Don't be afraid of silence



attachment is the root of all sorrows

life is a bundle of desires


Don't know whether you kept longing all your life?

see there is a pit hidden deep inside


no one has known till date

how many are hidden in the mind


move ahead after knowing everything

Why is he fighting with himself?


be alone learn to live alone

Whose memories are crying again and again



look should not be hypnotized

should not lose full sanity


when silence becomes a voice

Silence should not be sown in the ribs


Beakley wreaks havoc listen

one should not sleep in unnecessary time


hold back your tears if you can

should not carry unnecessary burden


If life is lived peacefully then friend

don't cry for unfaithful



It's not that easy to forget love

It is necessary to remember in the month of Sawan


Even though he is not mine, he lives in my soul

the breaths keep on coming and going


Being my friend has drowned me

need an excuse to get drunk all the time


One to your love has made me crazy

May this pleasant weather not kill you


The people of the world who are bound by nameless threads

they will make our love a fairy tale




Nice weather and it's lonely

what kind of luck god has made


Jam in hands, thirst in eyes

Ghazals have been recited in Piya's separation


of more than one broken heart

Today there is a hearing in a crowded gathering


the day became intoxicating

ever since we saw eye to eye


Those who used to be loyal became unfaithful

My own shadow is looking lovely



is lit



drenched by drizzling rain

Lived with thunder and shining clouds


Such pleasant moments do not come again and again

enjoy the weather come drink


Candle is burning looking for permission

The lamp of hope is sitting in the day


have become so cheap in love that

sometimes loved myself more


In which street, in which gathering, do you find your friend?

Where are you hiding Mia



Bijuria is shining day and night, why here?

Tell me who is going to come here?


Will remain in the heart like this as a memory

that I feel alive there


I will be your voice in your silence

heart and mind are where you live


whenever i think i hear

Where have you come from and where are you going?


since it turns out we haven't

Liver pain is flowing like tears



All blessings in the name of your love

Your name is the destination of our love


have to cross the boat of life

The destination to be achieved is to persuade the spirits


Holding a pure liver in hands

today the sleeping desires have to be awakened


feelings are like little children

Give the greed of the desired gift and impress


who thinks like it seems

we have a different story


Will play the wonderful Riste with heart

listen to the song sung by heart


happily embracing reality

now to overcome all misconceptions



What destruction will this flood cause?

What peace will he get after killing himself?


Neither the direction is fixed nor its speed is known

No one knows when will it come?


touching the mountains through the sky

What will he bring with him?


creating a tsunami in the water

What will he sing after bumping into Sahil?


Wasn't your stomach full after seeing the scene of devastation?

What will eat people's lives?



No one could understand the depth of the ocean of life

No one could understand the loneliness of accidents of love



Nigodi brings the truth to the fore

No one could understand that fate was made like a mirror



This accident happens everyday, be careful with life

No one could understand the separation after every meeting


I was near, yet it seems far away, what kind of love is this

No one could understand why God made the couple


All dreams are scattered like flowers

Why is the lovely lady a stranger, no one could understand