Just friends. - Season 1 - Episode 4 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Just friends. - Season 1 - Episode 4

(After that at home with icey)
Icey:urgh!!! When will he come!? I cant wait for so long!!!
Melody: what happened? Who are you waiting for outside...? And... Its pretty cold out here ..
Icey: the cold doesn't bother me sister...only this stupid bitch ronakk does.
Melody: ronakk?
Icey: he is my group project partner... And he has to come by now and that brat is taking forever.
Melody: ooh... Alright..
Melody goes inside*
Icey: wait i see a car from a distance...
(The car almost broken reaches ICEY'S house.)
Icey: what the hell!?
Ronakk gets out of his car*
Icey: uhh... Is this your car!?
Ronakk: why,-proudly- yes ofc.
Icey: why is it broken?
Ronak: well it a really long story .. you see- my car cannot take rash driving thingy-
Icey: oh so your saying you rash drived your stupid car to get to my house!?
Ronakk: exactly.
Icey: well then why did it take you exactly AN hour late?
Ronakk: i dont know about that.
Icey: well get inside.
Ronakk enters the house.
Ronakk: wow you cleaned your house just for me!?
Icey: its always clean
Ronakk: ohh..well , do your project what you looking at me for!?
Icey: uhmm my project!? Didn't you mean by our project?
Ronakk: yea yea whatever, you wanted me to come to your house., I did.and that is all i can do for you.
Icey: NO. Ronakk pleasee please lets do our project together.
Ronakk: urgh fine whatever but i need snacks first.
Icey: snacks!?
Ronakk: yes dont you understand me , women?
Icey: urgh fine.
As icey left to go get some snacks.
Musica enters
Musica : woah- what is an pitty boy like you doing here?
Ronakk: pitty boy?
Musica: yes.
Ronakk: i came here for group project working with icey.
Musica : ohhh... What is your name?
Ronakk: ronakk.
Musica: ronakk .. huh-*realises* RONAKK !?
ronakk: yes.
Musica: well... Your about to ...
Ronakk: about to?...
Musica: die.
Ronakk: die!?
Musica: why? Yes.
(Few minutes later)
Icey enters room*
Sees ronakk's back a little bent and notices a black eye.
Icey: what happened?
Ronakk: well... That damn sister of yours hit me soo hard that my back bent and your sister punched me soo hard that blacked out my eye.
Icey: wow!
IceyPOV: i am proud of her...
Icey: does it hurt -acts as if she is worried-
Ronakk: yea..
Icey leans over to keep ice in the black eye, but icey slipped and fell on ronakk...
Icey feels something in her stomach
IceyPOV: is this what feels like to fall in love? Probably not maybe falling in hatred ..
Ronakk: uhh...
Ronakk pov: woah... I never felt like this before why am i blushing -
Icey got herself up*
Ronakk laughs at icey*
Icey: why are you laughing.?
Ronakk: well grandma-
Icey: grandma!?
Ronakk: you got up like a grandma - laughs-
IceyPOV: is it me or is it that his laugh is cute- wait what am i thinking!!! BOYS ARE BAD!
Ronakk:what happened.?
Icey: nothing here is your snacks.