Just friends. - Season 1 - Episode 6 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Just friends. - Season 1 - Episode 6

Icey: here ! How about we calm down and Chill at a park?
Abby gets a call from her bestie*
Abby picks up *
Abby: hey Riley! Sup mate.
Riley: hey Abby!.....(pov: did she forget....)
Abby: whatsup?
Icey: hey Abby we are having a chat here can you stop with Riley now!?
Abby: yea wait bitch she is trying to say something.
Icey: ugh .
Musica : hey leave my little ladybug alone!
(*Musica pounds on icey*)
Abby:guys not now!!!
Melody: musica! Hands off my favourite sister ICEY!!!!!
(*Musica pulls melody's hair*)
Abby: wait a min Riley i will go somewhere else to speak to you .(puts on hang mode)
Riley pov:
Riley: she still has not remembered?
Its my birthday..... i guess she is busy
Abby:hey! Riley!
Riley: oh yea?
Abby: well how about i come over to yours for today?
Riley: sure...
Abby: kay then i will be there at 5:00
Riley : aight bye bestie!
Abby: byeee!
Abby hangs up
At the hall
Icey: lets not fight!
Melody: yea.
Musica : uh huh .
Abby: hey uhmmm guys....
Musica: yes my little ladybug?
Abby: i am going to a friend's house.
Musica: oh. Riley?
Abby: yes.
Musica : ooh to celebrate her birthday?
Abby: her birthday!? Omg i forgot!!!!
Icey: who forgets her best friends birthday?
Abby: me!?
Musica: did you ...get her anything?
Abby: noo...
Musica : here *gives 1000£*
Abby: awww thank you soo much sissy. I will be back.
Musica: okay.
Melody and icey: bye!
Abby: yea byeee!
-After abby left -
Icey: how about let us all go to waterpark.?
Melody : ooh sure.
Musica: uhmm okay i guess. But
what about Andrew.?
Melody : dont mention him.
Icey: he is our brother melody.
Melody: i guess..
Icey: well how about you take care of Andrew.
Melody: i guess.
Icey: yay then lets all go-
Melody : wait i need to call my boyfriend.
Icey and musica: your what!?
Melody: oh i didn't introduce you guys to him !!! His name is caleb.
Musica: what kind of name is that -
Icey: ooh i cant wait to meet him! Is he going to be my brother in law?
Melody: uhmm not sure.
Musica : what do you mean-
Icey : okay enough now lets all goooo-
Musica: okay .
Melody : oh he said he is on his way! Lets go
*At the water park*
Caleb: hey- uhmmm. Babe?
Melody: hey caleb! Meet my sisters -
Caleb: ohhh the ones you always talk about ?
Melody: yes.
Caleb : icey and musica?
Melody: yes.
Musica: oh so she talks about me ? Like what?
Icey: ummmm
Caleb : oh like you are the tuff one. Like you break others bones and you are soo mean and ugly , wait are you icey?
Melody: huh-
Musica: noo no i am musica -evil smile-
Icey: you talk abt me like this-
Caleb : so if your name is Musica then i am right -
Musica : huh!? MELODY YOU BRAT!
melody: oh look at the time lets take a seat i will take care of Andrew while you guys go have fun!😅
Musica: hmmm alright .
Musica whispers to caleb*
" if one drop of tear forms around her eye by the name of you .... i will slice you with my katana. "
Caleb: i- i - i get it....
Icey: hmm?
Caleb: nothing...
Musica : good now go take care of melody poor her sitting all alone won't she start to cry?
Caleb: c-c-cry!? I will go there now.
Musica : good -evil smile.-
Icey: -side eye -
Musica: what!?
Icey:nothing- *notices something very dark approaching her. Realises it is ronakk.*
Ronakk: hey! How could you.! You creep you follow me everywhere huh?
Icey: i didn't even know you where here if i did i would have set this place on fire and let you die.
Ronakk: oh sure you will.
Musica: is he bothering you? Do you want round two!?
Fo you remember your back and black eye that i gave you last time?
Ronakk : oh yes ofc i do. That is why this time i came with and eyepatch.
-icey laughs -
Ronakk pov: damn she is cute- ew what am i thinking!?
Soft: what is going on here Ronakk?
Ronakk: nothing lets go, some shits likes to stay hanging around our butt .
soft: what -*laughing*
Icey: bro just chill with you and your cursing.
Ronakk: i curse if i want to.
Icey: i didn't ask.
Ronakk: do i need your permission to talk-
??? comes*
???: hey Ronakk ! They are about to start the slide-
Icey: you-!?
To be continued.