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Stability And Migration Of Thoughts

The flow you choose to go with is as important as you choose the has its own flows and has only one command and control and it's your we can choose peace over the clashes or how we handle the worst flow is the most important part of the journey that could be handled by mind.

We don't know how how the day gonna b start but we can choose how it can pass at the end. thousands of thoughts everyday keeps ur head beasy barley 2 or 3 out of them are really important to handle the day but we choose further one's.

A healthier minds always has a productive thoughts and it always keeps u working that will makes u we can stabilize the thinking process is depends on ur deepest guts and ur moral boundaries. How u set the boundaries to keep urself stabilize and productive is more important. Boundaries to keep ur self-respect under ur sustainable behaviour, keeping urself above another is the most important thing.

Stabilizing ur mind by stabilizing the thought process will keep ur soul healthy. Ur mindset show's a lott of things about ur individual is starts raising ur inner confidence.

How u utilities the things, sort the problems or give an opportunity urself to b huloom is a proper human behaviour as by the human physiology.we never think over the situations that creates a fuzz because of our less or over thinking mind.we always keeps blaming to another person but we never took an afford to understand our own thought process.

However it is more important to migrate the thought or tranfer the energy over the different situations.we stuck over the situation,we keep thinks on it over and over hardly we listen to different voices (heart) .

Ur mind is the different universe it has endless ideas, endless topics to understand, an absolute power to gain a knowledge and the other side so many stupid logics, thousands of bad habits to vanish and endless chatterbox like ALEXA keeps u flaming by giving million of answers for one question.

At the end as a smartest animal of planet we human has to behave as a human for a millions of reasons.we can't choose one . moreover this we have to live for ourselves,for the people who loves us, who cares for us and who understands us.they know how to understand this triggered mind.

We just need to do is migration of thoughts and how it should be done!? By just changing the mindset and it is a process to train a mind to utilities itself for a healthy phycological behaviour.just to listen, enalise and differentiation. chooseing a word to speak is a limitation of ur toung and choosing a situation to react is a limitation of ur mind.

However the mind has an endless thoughts but we choose the least of them to be expressed.we creates an imaginary world by and we live there without hesitation because there is no interruptions. at the end everything goes vanish how we starts realising that its just a hallucination.