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Tales of Love - Ep-1

I am another housewife of this "Sonar Bangla", Kolkata. But my residence is a little bit different from the usual urban City of Joy. We love uttar Kolkata, the typical 'Ghoti's' territory. This part has successfully isolated the culture of the city. Our colony also preserved the conservative thoughts and restrictions as well. So I only have the freedom to express these feelings only in my diary.So today I will tell you a story about the most debated topic "love at first sight".I imagined Subodh's face , he is a calm introvert boy I always knew from the beginning. After the day of my wedding when this family came to see the new bride a shy boy came to touch my feet . When he got up I had seen a shy boy with a little smile on his face . Subodh was maybe in 1St or 2nd year of college . Now he is a service man in the municipality. I have never imagined that introvert boy to open up about his feelings like that . The girl is really lucky to have a husband like him .

The other day Subodh came with her mother for 'Aiburovat' . When both of our families were busy talking with each other , I asked him about the girl in private . We both shared a pure bond of trust , and subodh also sees me as his elder sister so he is more comfortable with me.
"So ,how is your future wife? Where did you meet her? and love marriage ohhooo ."
"Easy easy , boudi I will tell you one by one. First yes she is beautiful both in looks and manners . And I meet her in Dakshineswar temple."
" It was a long day for me so I go to the 'Ganga ghat' to fresh my mind , as I always do . But I guess I never visited there in that time of a day .
So when I first saw her my eyes were stuck at her. She was taking little dive in the water of Ganga.
The fade sunlight was reflecting in her face and golden drops were falling out from her body. Her face was like an innocent child . She give a Namaskar to the sun and turned to the stairs when our eyes meet. After a moment she left the place in a hurry."
"How romantic, it's like I am watching a film. Okey so did she said yes at the first."
"Ofcourse not, I have to suffer a lot just to tell her how I fell. After that day I went to that place many times but the mysterious thing is she only comes out in 1or 2 times out of the temple. One Saturday I gave an unexpected visit in the time of dawn , and yes my sixth sense was correct she was out their to pick the flowers for Puja".
"I approached her and introduced myself and asked for her name . She seemed a bit purplexed at that time. She recognised me and told to not to talk to her ."
"I was hearing her voice for the first time. It was also like the strings of sitar ."
" Ai Shephali , what are you doing? Come fast ."
"Someone called her she ran through the stairs. Although know her name now it's Shephali."
"How, beautiful the name is!"
Now mother in law came to meddle in our fun time cause it is her usual self. Though Subodh can sense curiosity so he insisted that he have to talk about something to my husband so her mother can leave before him . We smiled at each other after the old lady left .
After that I had seen from behind and also waited for her for many nights but nothing was working .So what happened later that I managed to talk to her when I left flowers and a letter in her clothes which she leaves while bathing in the river. And that night she came , she started to tell me her history that she is an orphan etc. I was happy that she at least talked to me and our friendship was growing day by day. One day when I was just genuinely sitting in the ghat a little boy came and said that Shephali told me to meet in the back of the temple in midnight. Surprisingly that day she was not in her usual self, she suddenly hugged me and asked if I could marry her? It feel like heaven but also very weird . So that's it."
" I was not expecting this type of ending. Though it's okay as long as she marries you ."

(Writter- hello guys this is an adaptation of my series "Shephali". I added this because I thought subodh 's love at first sight episode is worth mentioning in the series of tales of love.)