Tales of Love - Ep-2 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Tales of Love - Ep-2

Waiting such a common concept right. We humans are not suited for this term , cause we are always in a hurry. But let just think about a waiting which never ended in one's life time. Yes today I am going to tell a story where our arrogant celebrity boy turned in to humble loner, with sealike patients.

"Hi ,Rusha how are you now? Is the travelling exhausting ?."
" Na not much , I travelled from Italy to France, Korea to Japan, some times Arab to Iraque . If my body get's tired the I rest under the shadow of a big tree or in a bench of a park filled with giggles and screams of KG babies ,but you know what my mind never get tired with those amazing contrast of seens. I want more."

Suddenly a drop of tear rolled down from his cheek .
" Ok, enough of my talks , what are you doing nowadays? How is our little Tini , did she give you too much headache so I can scold her ?"
He bursed with laughter in a split second.
" What , no she is totally oposite of you she has a great influence of mine."
" So are you saying I was a trouble maker? Haa , OBHODRO KOTHAKAR"
Rusha said displaying false anger.
" Yes and also no , by the way I am as same as the way you left me . Busy with shooting, commercials , interviews and ofcourse at the end of the day with Tini . She is a big girl now
and will start going to school now, it seems like 3 years passed in a blink of eye."
" Why are you still waiting for me . Just let it go ."
" Yes ,i am still waiting for you in that bridge where you asked me to wait until you return from your world tour , will you come this year 14 Dec ? "

Suddenly a little girl came to the room and stairs wierdly at him .
"Baba who are you talking to? I came after hearing your laughter."
The child seen a his dad is sitting in a chair wearing a white jacket , staring freightly in the photo of his mother.

" To your mother"
" Why does ma always meets you not me ? Did she asked about me ?"
" Ya , and she will see you when you give the high school graduation certificate ok"
"Dad , what kind of person was she?"
"She was a social butterfly, she was messy but magnificent, always used to see the world through the lense of her camera. She was the most unique women I have ever seen."
"Ok ,ok pa now don't start to revisit the dialogues of your movie. "
"Now I am delivering dialogues ha you naughty girl. You watch lot of my movies with Santi right."
"Yesss, you are so cool when you do action . Like this dishom , dhidom."
"Yaa my girl is ready to act in movie right. Muhha."
He started into the blank when Rusha once again said good bye to her loved once........

That was another taste of love where the boundaries of life are insignificant. A love where waiting is the eternal truth. What will you call it a tragic love or a different kind of happy ending. Well I am leaving this to the readers to decide.