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Love Since Childhood - Part 9 - Last Part

Mom saw it was the right time to talk to Mr Goga. "if we are living our lives happily with prosperity then why can't Hira also live his life with his love?" Mom asked Mr Goga humbly.

" Why what happened, why can't Hira live his life as he wants? Definitely he is free to do whatever he wishes" Papa said energetically with whole heart.

"Look as we all know, Hira loves Geet and Geet loves Hira too, they have been in love since their childhood.
She has been waiting for Hira for so long. She had refused many proposals just because of Hira, So being parents its our duty to take care of our children's happiness.
We must talk to Geet's parents, forgetting those all what happened in the past" Mom said requesting Papa.

Hearing this Papa looked towards Hira and got melted seeing Hira's condition.
Papa said positivity "yes why not, for sure, we will do everything for our children's happiness".

Everybody got happy seeing Papa's consent. They had dinner together that night deciding that tomorrow morning we are going Geet's home to aske her hand for Hira.
Next morning Mommy Papa went to Geet's home, they knocked the door.
Geet's daddy came to open the door, seeing Mr Goga and his wife Mr Dabbu got surprised.
Mr Dabbu started crying and embraced Mr Goga.
"Oye Yaar why have you taken so much time to meet me" Mr Dabbu said getting emotional with stuttering voice.

Anyway Mr Dabbu and his entire family welcome them warmly.

Mr Dabbu took them inside of house by holding his friend Mr Goga's hand they sat together and began to chat, Geet and Neha brought some sweets snacks, Seeing uncle Goga Geet had been extremely glad.

She had already figured out the reason why Uncle Goga and Aunty Simmi had come.
Seeing at Neha (younger sister of Geet) Uncle Goga said " how quickly my daughter has grown up" with love.

" Oye Yaar, I'm really very embarrassed for the way I treated you then", uncle Dabbu said getting shameful.

" When did you realize this?, Asked Uncle Goga politely.
" Same day, since I knew half of the mettar, when I came to know about the whole matter, Immediately I went to your house to apologize but Galla made me return seeing me at first sight" Uncle Dabbu said and started crying again.

Uncle Goga made him silent and kissed his hand with affection saying "Oye Yaar you are my childhood friend and now we are going to be relatives, yes we have come her to ask Geet's hand for Hira".
Listening this Geet embraced with aunty Simmi affectionately. Everybody sitting in the hall got bloomed with happiness.

Aunty Simmi took out a beautiful dimond ring from her purse and made it wear in Geet's beautiful delicate finger and blessed her moving her hand over Greet's head.

Uncle Goga hugged uncle Dabbu, Aunty Simmi hugged aunty Ruby.

"Oye Yaar we want Hira and Geet to be tied with wedding's knot within a week, because they have already waited a lot.

So it would be fair to get them married as soon as possible", Uncle Goga said with humility.
Hearing him uncle Dabbu and aunty Simmi smiling got agreed " Oye Yaar no problem wedding will be organized on the date what you want.
We are anytime ready even today too" Uncle Dabbu said smiling.
Next the date of wedding was fixed on the spot and they left for preparation of the marriage.
Hira and Geet was too happy along with each members of both families doing preparations for the wedding.
Hira invited his all friends, Geet invited her friends too.
Finally this date had come which everyone was waiting for impatiently.
It was procession day Hira's friend were dancing.
Hira was sitting over mare wearing groom's costume, Geet's friends were peeping from the roof.
Bands and drums were being played.
Everybody was looking happy in both families.
Meantime Galla looked at Jaggu, he went to Jaggu and took him to the crowd holding his hands, and Made him dance.

Jaggu danced whole heartedly.
Everyone was clapping seeing Jaggu's dance.
Just then Uncle Dabbu held Uncle Goga's hand making him dancing, they both too danced together.
The whole crowd was enjoying.
Now Hira and Geet were sitting on the stage at their own royal chair next to each other.
Geet was blushing seeing Hira and Hira was smiling, seeing Geet's blushing.

Eventually they had become for each other forever.
They had started playing a new inning of their lives happily together.
They took care of each other.
They were feeling blessed for being together forever.
They loved each other more than even before their wedding. They were enjoying their lives.
Tow years later a cute and sweet toddler, baby girl was born and made this family be completed.
Now Hira and Geet had become parents.
Both of them were extremely happy with their beautiful prosperous life which was full of contentment, compassion, affection and love..❤️❤️❤️