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The Chemical Tangents - 2

Location : Atlanta City

Time: Somewhere around 2075 AD , next day morning on Wednesday

Sublocation: The police station

Bulky man in blue coat entered the police station and looked at the Inspector ,Sub Inspector  and Constable looking seriously as if they had a serious discussion now and expecting some visitor. They looked as if they were expecting him.

Inspector : “Welcome, Government Employee from the capital city.“

Bulky man in blue coat : “I am not a Government Employee, Only an Ex-Employee. I know you have questions, but time is of essence now. Now tell me how much time ,do we have before the smoke reaches the city.”

Inspector , Sub Inspector and Constable look in confusion. 

Sub Inspector : “Our constable has informed that smoke will not reach the city. The smoke is rising from the old factory and disappearing in the sky.”

Constable : “Sub Inspector , also told about a similar accident that happened 10 years ago.”

Inspector: “When we spoke on the phone, you told the Scientist will come to prevent a disaster.” He thought for a while, “But i said these details on the phone.”  He thought  the voice in the phone did not match with the voice of the person standing before them.what the visitor said worsened their fears.

Bulky man in blue coat :”We never spoke on the phone. If we spoke on the phone , i couldn't be standing here. “    Just then the phone rang , the visitor/Bulky man in blue coat  “Don't pick up the phone.”

It would be natural if anyone told you not to attend the phone , you want to attend the phone. However the Sub-Inspector and constable looked at the Inspector, who shook his head as if saying not to attend the phone. The phone had stopped ringing and the visitor felt relaxed. The Inspector there is something strange about the visitor and his reaction to the phone call. 

Inspector : “Is something about the phone call?”

Bulky man in blue coat relaxing a bit : “If there is no emergency of poisonous gases destroying the city. I will be able to tell you in detail.“ He looked at the watch as if in a hurry or check the time by instinct. The visitor was seemed to be in a hurry , as if to assist them in a life threatening emergency when he arrived.

Inspector : “No, there is no life threatening situation at hand. You can tell us in detail.”

Bulky man in blue coat after relaxing thought for a while before blurting out completely: “I can't go into the details now, but I can tell this for sure   ‘wherever some experiment failed and the corresponding phone calls are bad news. You have attended the first phone call, consecutive phone calls may have adverse consequences or so’.     I would make an educated guess as much , but do not know if it is actually due to the phone calls. My friend went to deal with one such case in Niveda city, but I have not heard from him. Last time we spoke he said  that he was outside as people in the station were receiving a barrage of phone calls and he would be late. “ 

He added “After that we were never be able to contact my friend or anyone in the station as well as anyone in Niveda city. He may be outside the network range or in a meeting. It is just 6 days, eventually he will call. My friend has detected gamma readings which have spiked in the areas near to Niveda city. He told me something was off, so he went to investigate. As something more or similar happened here, I came here to check it up.”

Inspector: “But our Gamma Readings for the city are normal.”

Bulky man in blue coat:”No ,Gamma readings have not spiked in the city. It has spiked around the city.” He Paused as a device beeped in his pocket. He took it out ,on seeing it he was shocked.