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The Chemical Tangents - 4

Location : Police Station , Atlanta City

Time: Somewhere around 2075 AD , next day morning nearing the afternoon on Wednesday

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath  paused for a bit:  “Before we go on trekking to the laboratory, we need to prepare ourselves. I will ask some questions. You need to answer. How did I come to this place? ”

Inspector : “We heard the Sound of the helicopter, so you must have come by Helicopter.”

Sub Inspector : “You may have come by Helicopter, as the sound of the Helicopter confirms it.”

Constable : “You have come by Helicopter. But does this mean the protective shield over the place has been taken down or come down.”

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath looked at them :”I came by helicopter, the shield is down. So I was able to make an entry from the skies . I don’t know if it has come down or taken down. “

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath : “Please take necessary things for the trekking. Also we need to secure this police station , just in case.”

Inspector : “There is nothing to steal here, people are encouraged to come here, as there is a shelter.”

Sub Inspector  : “The shelter can accommodate lots of people , in case of emergency. It is stocked with food and other materials to survive.”

Constable thought for a while : “No one will come now, as the people are already in the shelter . “ He looked at the Inspector & Sub Inspector “We have ensured all are in the safety bunkers after the explosion.”

Inspector and Sub Inspector slowly started remembering the fact. 

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath : “Good, We need to return here soon and decide how to relocate those in the bunkers. You are at least remembering it now. It is a good sign.”

The Inspector took the backpack  already kept on the shelf, so did the Sub Inspector. But the constable did not do so. But the Inspector suddenly realised the Constable had been wearing the back pack already.

Hanumanth  on seeing the change of expression of the Inspector & Sub Inspector : “Please tell me what you had in Mind now.”

Inspector  : “I felt the constable had not taken the backpack, however he had taken the backpack.”

Sub Inspector   : “Well he did not have the backpack, But suddenly he had the backpack on his back.” He let out a short laughter.

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath : “Might be you have not noticed the backpack due to stress. “

Constable : “Yes Inspector and Sub Inspector Sahib were distracted, when I took the backpack, followed by Sub Inspector and Inspector.” 

 Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath : “ I don’t need the backpack from the station. As I have my own Backpack.” They all looked at the backpack, it seemed to be attached to his back. They had thought it was a strange t-shirt. He added on seeing the confusion “I know this is a strange backpack, I have had this backpack for a decade. It comes very handy.”

Bulky man in a blue coat/Hanumath : “Lets go to the hill from which the constable had spotted the smoke coming from the Laboratory.” 

Inspector Ram , Sub Inspector Lakshman and Constable Raghu exited the Police station , they were greeted by the deserted streets of the city and the helicopter outside the station. They set towards the hill from which the Constable spotted the smoke. It was a Lengthy journey , but let's get to the Hill as nothing of significance will happen till then.