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It was the usual travelling of Anju's mother and her father. The time was almost 10:00 a.m. The Sun was starting to grow and to make people frustrated by his hotness but Anju's mother and father were travelling in the AC car. They were hearing a song and preparing for their upcoming meeting. They were running a joint business so both had to go to the meeting in Delhi. The car going calmly on the road.

Suddenly the mobile phone rang. It was Sneha Aunty's call who was a neighbour of Anju's parents.

Anju's Mom said, "Hello! Sneha, How are you?"

"Don't ask how are you, listen carefully to what I am saying. It's a very serious matter!"

"Yes, speak please"

"Anju's trying to commit suicide.....Hurry up....please Come back." said breathlessly.

"What? My Anju? Are you Conscious? My Anju is committing suicide? How can it possible? 

"Yes. I am telling you what I saw from my window and her door is locked from the inside. Please hurry up. I am not able to do anything."

The call was ended.

Anju's mother commanded her driver to reverse the car and drive quickly as much as he could. Father was also in stress. The parents were under high stress and in a hurry.

They reached within 10 min although the way was about 30 minutes. The parents ran hurriedly, unlocked the main door and rapidly went to Anju's room, knocked to open but she didn't respond so the mother unlocked it hurriedly with a  key. Thank God! Mother had an extra key of the room.

They rushed to the room and Anju was just trying to push the table so she could hang herself and she did it but her Parents came and speedily caught her legs with tears in their eyes. Fortunately, They saved Anju, yes! They could save. Anju was about not to talk to her mom-dad and closed the door.

Parents were crying. It was unbelievable that their daughter tried to commit suicide and she behaved rudely. Anju was a lovely daughter of her parents. She was studying in college and extremely clever girl. She was a cultured girl and always followed every advice of her parents. She was an understanding girl. She had not any problems regarding Studies, friends, or affairs. Her life was going on the straight way and had no stone on the way.  It was a question for them why their dearest daughter attempted suicide.

Suddenly Anju's father remembered his friend Dr. Shah who was a psychiatrist for advice about how to behave with Anju.

The doctor suggested that now they shouldn't emphasize the question of why she tried to commit suicide instead they should make sure that her parents are with her completely.

Anju messaged her Mom " Please leave me alone now. I will meet at 5:00 p.m. Now I want to assure you that I will not attempt to Suicide Please trust me, Mom. Don't worry."

Parents were advised not to worry about their daughter who attempted to commit suicide and how they could worry less. Both spent time in tension and weeping but they had trust on their daughter.

The time was 5:00 a.m. Father went to her room. Anju was lying on her bed. As soon as father came into room daughter sat restless. He was welcomed by her tears.

There was silence for two minutes and Anju said, "I am sorry dad."
" Don't say sorry. Don't worry about what I would think. Just feel free dear."
"Dad, but I hurt you and mom."
" No dear, don't stress your mind. I just wanted to say that we are with you. I am not forcing you to share your problem or reason of committing suicide. But just whenever you see that it's right time to share, without thinking about our response, immediately say us."
"Of course, I didn't share only because I don't want to hurt you both."
"If you are in worry, if you got hurt, we will definitely hurt." "Yes, I did understand."
Father hugged her and Anju's tears dropped.

Father came out of room. Mom still sat there with tension. Father gave courage and said, "don't need to afraid. She is understanding girl. She is worried and she didn't share her problem. Just we might not get hurt. So don't show her that we got hurt by her decision or deed"
"Just I will try to comfort her."
"Ok I am leaving now. Please take care of her. In case of emergency, Please do call me. Bye."
                                        * * * * *
   Her mother was very good at parenting and she witnessed many struggles in her life. She was a daughter of a rich and traditional family. Her father was stucked with many rituals and superstition but her uncle was educated so he made her educated. And she fell in love with college friend  not madly but consciously. 

   The problem was her father who never agreed with marriage. She didn't want to marry by running away but her father was stubborn. She tried many times to convince her father but he didn't convince. She married Anju's father but her own father broke relationship with her. She went to Anju's father home. The home was big and there lived joint family. She was always tortured by family just because she was educated saying that she would destroy our rituals. It wasn't rituals but it was superstition. She didn't have any child so always was humiliated by everyone. Still she was good at parenting. She could easily handle a child no matter child may be naughty or wise. Finally she gave birth to Anju, little beautiful kid but often humiliated by family because having girl child. Anju also witnessed struggle of her parents to save Anju's side, to make her study, to make her give facility

Anju always loved her parents and whatever she was doing only for her parents. Her father was the strongest and the toughest glass to protect her dear daughter. Her mother was full of compassion, love and care.

The family was living happily together with their well-known and well-earned business but Anju's deed made discomfort for the family. No clear reason was shown for the suicide attempt of Anju.
                                       *  *  *  *  *
Mother didn't try to enter Anju's room because she didn't want to hurt her by showing her worries and tension to her. Mother made her favorite dish Rasgulla. She liked it too much. After some time, Anju came out from her room with her red eyes and immediately hugged her Mom.  Mom gave her comfort and made her feel free with her Mom.

" Wow! 'Rasgulla' " Anju exclaimed after seeing her favourite dish.

"Yes, It's your favourite dish. Taste it and say how is made",
said her mom.

" It's tasty mom . I just forgot my pain for a moment when I ate it"

"That's I want my dear that you may forget all your pain because your mom is here"

"Thank you so much Mom but I hurt you"

"Don't think about what we will think about you, just think how we can help you to solve your problem ."

" I can't share you'

"No problem! when you want, say me what I have said you before your college started that now I'm your  friend dear!"

"I remember Mom"

"So now do not worry much. Just eat your dish and be happy."

"yes, Mom"

The conversation was ended. Mother had said 'Don't worry' but she is more worried about knowing the reason. Dr. Shah denied to ask a reason but she had to search. At every moment, she was trying to amuse her by playing games, watching movies and reading stories to her . She looked happy to make her happy but in fact mom is was extremely worried. How she could find a reason?

She decided to find a reason or problem so she started to search from her college friends but Anju was introvert so she didn't share with her friend. She searched in Anju's room but didn't get anything.

One day, Anju was alone in the house but there was a caretaker of her to take care of her mental ability. Anju received one phone call. The number was unknown.

"Are you living still? I had thought you would have died because you don't have any option to escape from us."

"Please leave me, my life was passing beautifully. Why did you interfere? Why did you come?" she was crying.

"Listen, I will do what I have said before. None can save you I just want to say that don't make drama and surrender yourself that's it"

The phone call was ended. Anju's heart was beating like a running horse and she fainted......

She was in a big fear. She was lying on the bed with closed eyes.

She opened her eyes. Mom was scared and Dad was trying to give sympathy to Mom.

"Sorry Mom, I didn't attempt to suicide. I just fainted"

"I know dear, I know very well we trust you", said Mom

"Don't worry too much. We are with you. Just live with your Mom. Don't stay alone in your room you'll feel better with Mom"

"Ok sure Dad"

"Very good girl. Now can go dear? I have to do work in the office"

"Yes, Dad, Do your work. Don't worry about me."
                                    * * * * *

The doorbell rang.

"Anju beta, please open the door. I'm cooking now. my hands are dirty."

"Yes mom, I'm going. Do your work."

"Police!" Anju scared soo much. She thought 'police came now I'll a not be saved by my parents. I had to go....'

Anju ran to her room and locked it. She screamed.

Mom come from the kitchen. She opened the door and then went to Anju's room.
"What's happened beta? Please open the door"

"Police Mom police. I will not be saved" said Anju.

"No beta, there is no police. He is your uncle, my brother Don't you know?  my brother Hiren. He is Hiren uncle Beta."

He was Hiren uncle who was police Inspector and come to meet her sister and niece but niece ran to room.

Anju opened the door. Tears came out from mom's eyes because Anju had cut her hand's vain. Mom ran to fake first aid box and bandage.

Mom said, " He is your uncle. Do you remember? Hiren uncle? Don't you?"

"I remember but I hadn't seen in the uniform so I was scared. I'm sorry uncle."

Uncle couldn't understand anything. He wanted to speak but Mom stopped her by putting her hand on his hand just as a sign of not speaking now.

"Anju you can go your room and take rest, dear."

"Yes Mom, I think I should go."

Anju went to her room.

As soon as Anju entered her room, Uncle asked, "What is this?"

"Be calm, Brother, I'll tell you everything first let us get out from here and go to the garden"

They went to the garden and sat there Anju's mother started

"We don't know brother why she is behaving so. Monday, I and her father were going to Delhi. Suddenly Sneha called us and said that Anju's trying to commit suicide thank God! we could save her. Due to Dr. Shah's advice, we didn't try to ask reason for it."

"OK but why did she frighten from me? and as Showing me, she attempted to suicide again."

"I don't know."

"But my police mind is saying that her problem is related to police and how she behaved, I think, she did anything against the law."

"Do you think that She is criminal. No brother, she can't commit any crime. I don't believe." said with tears.

"Sorry dear but my intension was not to hurt you. I just assume but I pray what I think is may not be true. I just came to meet you now I had to leave now I came to meet my police friend. Don't worry sister."

"Take care, goodbye."


Hiren Uncle went.

This was Thursday's morning. Anju was better. Their Parents were little tension free. After a long time, The family took breakfast together. Anju was sharing her college experience and her father and mother also joined theirs also.

Suddenly mother's phone rang . It was Hiren uncle's call .


"Hello, sister listen carefully my doubt was right. Don't react. Don't react. Anju will be depressed."

"I had news from your police station that there was done an FIR against Anju. I don't know much about. My police friend said me and listen tomorrow police can come to enquiry."


"Don't worry. I have trust on Aniu. I'll save her but first I need to know what had happened with Anju so please try to ask her as much as you can give pressure her. Understand my thing what I want to say."

"I understand. I'll try definitely."

"Don't worry much I'm with you. As soon as you know matter, inform me."

"Yes, of course Bye!"

"Bye take care." said Hiren Uncle.

Anju was sitting with her parents under beautiful moonlight. They were sitting on the bench in the garden. As Hiren uncle had said, it was necessary to ask her. Though mother said mobile talk of Hiren uncle to her husband, so they both were trying to ask her.

"Anju beta, we don't wish to trouble you because of any kind of problem. If you think , without saying, we won't get hurt, so it's your big illusion we suffer more." said father with putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Anju dear,  your dad is right. Don't worry much that we would get hurt. but If you say we can help you to get rid from your problem. I can't see you in this condition." Mom almost cried while saying

Anju seemed that she was doing wrong not to say to her parents.

   We seem that parents will be  hurt or will scold us after listening our mistake. It's true. No doubt but they will not leave us in our trouble. They will definitely try to help us. They may be hurt but not more than we hide anything.

  Most of the children are afraid of parent's scolding but I think they don't see their love after scolding. They are not like outsiders who do not condemn but only love (we think), in fact they only take advantage of us. Our parents are the real saviors. Do not fear or hide your difficulties and mistakes from your own parents.

Anju was describing that day.

Anju said, "I was going to college.That day was 20th march. I was exciting about our project presentation so I was happy. I was on the way. I wanted to reach quickly so I took short cut because I was walking.

Suddenly one man came and took me somewhere. I didn't know that place. I couldn't shout because he closed my mouth by his hand. Then....." Anju cried, couldn't speak more.

Mother gave her warmth by lovable hug as signed to continue .

Anju continued, "Then he was trying to molest me and he also tried to touch me badly. I tried to resist but I couldn't do. Then I don't know how paddle came by my side when he was about to lower my skirt, I stabbed that paddle in his back.

Anju was crying so much and mother also wept. Father was angry how anyone can touch her daughter.

Anju continued after having water. She said," I ran towards college. I left that paddle and man there. I couldn't go college because I became murderer. I was scared.

Then when I reached home, I saw one video that showed how I murdered but video was edited that doesn't show he was molesting me and my improper cloths. That video clear shows us that I murdered intentionally.

Then I called that person who said me that I will be executed because he will complain. The person whom I murdered was his relative and he will do a case against me.

"Mom-Dad, I pleaded him so much but he didn't leave me,  gave me two options either execution by law or execution by yourself. I thought If you will know that your daughter is a murderer how will you feel? Your reputation will be spotted. It's better that I will die myself. Of course, you will regret but you will be good parents after my death.

"How can you think that you are a murderer, you are trapped dear." said Father "Someone wanted to kill that person and he used you to kill that person because you were provided a knife or paddle otherwise if that person who provided a knife had wanted to save you, he would have come in front of you. He didn't come.

"Yes. It may be true."

The next day, Mom told everything to her brother and he promised her that he would not let her (Anju) go to jail. He would save her. Anju was arrested because the police had to do their duty but now Anju was out of worries. Anju trusted  her uncle
                                       * * * * *
After week. Hiren Uncle did something so Anju was now out of fear and jail. Now she would not be executed cause of murder now she can complete her dreams. She can live her life. Anju was happy but she didn't know what was happened that she was free. She asked her uncle.

Hiren uncle said , "When your mother said about it and I knew that very soon you would be arrested....."

"But how did you make this video?"

Actually, Hiren uncle showed a video in which the person confessed everything about her trap so  It was proof to prove that Any was innocent.

Hiren uncle continued, " That person must know that you are an innocent girl and more worried about your parents but he didn't know that your uncle is a police so I went to him as his new trusted man and I stayed with him three days there therefore he can trust me. Suddenly I asked about this matter and he said,

" It was a trap"

"What was guilty of that girl?

"She was beautiful so it was enough to attract Rajat towards her."

"But why?"

"My son murdered his brother. He knew that he was so angry and he had proof so I wanted to kill him to save my son but the police would catch me."

"One day, I sent him to college shortcut road. I knew that Anju would take short cut road as I listened to it from her friends. Rajat went also through that same road. He was attracted by her and I knew that he would definitely try to seduce her and I also knew that Anju was not too clever to rescue herself though I set a plan in such a way that any girl will be trapped easily. I sent my other man with a knife and she was made enough angry to kill him and that time my man gave her a knife and she did as I wanted. Another man shoot a video.

"My son edited the video in such a way that It was clear showed that the girl murdered it and my son will be saved and that girl will be executed or she will suicide That was my plan."

"I showed that video and proved that you are innocent."
"Thank you so much, Uncle. It's impossible to convey my gratitude to you."

"Remember dear. Don't hide any mistakes from your parents. If you had shared it early, it would be solved early without getting your parents in trouble. Remember, Your parents are your first and last saviours.