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Real Patriotism

It was the time of our proudest festival, our independence day, national festival, 15th of August. Schools and colleges were full of students with many national flags in their hands, looking too beautiful.

The same atmosphere also had in 'Vivekananda school' but not all students were happy and smiling. There was only one student who looked sad and upset though he hadn't come unwillingly and of course, he hadn't any grief which can make him sad in this proud moment.

  The teaching staff also appeared busy organising the program of flag hosting but there was one teacher who could see in the direction of that sad student. Others might see there but they might be interested more in doing duty student's sadness

The teacher went to the student and ask him, "Dear, why are you looking upset? It is our proud day. Everyone in our nation must be happy. This day took much blood from our brave leaders."

The student replied, "You are right sir. Leader contributed their blood and thinking of it makes me upset. Is it enough to show our passion for the nation by rallying or any activity on 15 August or 26th January?"

He was a modern student and was not about following mutely. Yes, he was right. To show only this day your love for the Nation is equal to insulting of nation doubly. 

The teacher said, "Why are you upset about the contribution of our leader?"

Boy replied sadly, " Sir, whenever 15th August or 26th January comes, it feels me with guilt that I have no strength to go to the border, no talent that makes our country's name enlightening. I am not good at sports so I can't make our country name. I am not good at studying and I can be a collector or any officer. I also don't have political interest or leadership."

"When I heard a patriotic song, it feels my heart with boldness to do something for the nation as my forefather leader has done but I can't do anything so I am sad sir!

It was shocking for the teacher because the boy was crying as if he were in big trouble and not able to even try. The boy was extremely sad.

It's common for the students to join the National Flag rally or to prepare a speech for the nation but what is in the boy is not common. It is rare of the rarest, who is worried for the nation at a tender age, which also makes him sad after knowing he is unable to do anything for the nation.

Having listened to patriotic songs, every Indian must feel the passion of Patriotism but the very next day the passion fades away.

 The teacher was a also rare teacher who can give such a beautiful answer

"Dear, don't be upset. First, tell me what is a Nation?"

"Nation means the land where we are born and brought up." "Good but my question is does land have an emotion that it can feel our love?"

"No sir but we personified our Land as our mother because we live in her lap."

"You're so intelligent and you are saying that you haven't any talent." laughed the teacher.

A boy smiled

"Who makes our country alive? Only land?"

" No sir, people of the country."

"Yes, my boy, people. Contribution to the nation means a contribution to people. It does not need only talent or leadership to serve them. Remember, whatever field you will join in the future, give your 100% to it. Think of your nation first and put yourself second. Patriotism is not only limited to any civil services but also covers all fields of work such as business, professions, science and technology, engineering...every field. Just you must remember, don't do any illegal work or not to support or not to be eye evident. Try to prevent as much as possible you can." 

"The most important thing in social life is to keep way yourself from discrimination. 'Discrimination means insulting of lap our Bharat mata because she has given equal place to everyone in her lap.'

"Wow! Sir Great! It filled my heart with real patriotism."

Remember, Patriotism must be forever.