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I and My Dear Ma'am

I and My Dear Ma'am


 Student-teacher relationship is different from any relationship because it possesses respect and hidden side hate. Though new generation may not have any respect for their teachers as backbiting, there are existing of such students who can go beyond their syllabus type relation with teacher.

This story reflects on above second type students. Though it's hard to find such students, means not they are not exist.

Emotional bonding with teacher

I was giving my 10th preliminary exams. We had type of exam in which we could give exam with books and we had lots of time for this. You will not believe that we had recess also during this 'different' exam but I remained an honest student. I didn't copy in exam though it was permitted. I was one and only person who gave exam honestly and scored more than others. We were giving exam in big ground and many supervisor were there.

I remember that day when I was giving my Gujarati's exam with 'honestly'. That day was dull even if there was sunlight. That day brought many sobs and sadness.

As usually,  I was writing my paper. I saw that My Dear Ma'am sat on the chair for supervising girls. Paper seemed little bit hard because I was not copying. I was unprepared for an essay. I was writing paper and also was observing 'her'. I noticed that she was waiting for Trupti ma'am. They were talking.

  Suddenly, I realized that she was crying while I was writing.I looked up and tried to confirm but I couldn't see because she was sitting back side then I thought ," My Dear Ma'am can't weep. I can weep in front of her but she will never. She is so much positive. How can she cry? It's just illusions." I ignored it and came back to write.

I was writing. Suddenly, my friend told me that she was actually crying. My friends told only me because I am affected with her and she also cares me. I shocked and I thought how can it be possible? I realized the same thing before as she was crying without knowing any matter that can suffer her and without listening any talk. How can I realize? It was my first and last miracle or you can say "sixth sense" that make me know about her crying suddenly while I was writing with full attention.

Then I stopped writing. I couldn't even think that she can cry.  She is so understanding. If she has any problem she can solve it and she can't cry in school among teachers  and students. She was actually crying. It was unbelievable scene. Having seen that scene, I couldn't write any word in paper. I stopped. Then I asked Trupti Ma'am whom ma'am was sharing her problem. I was so stressed and literally I asked Trupti Ma'am pulling her dress that what had happened with her. She didn't share in detail but only said that the matter belonged to her home.

In whole recess, I tried to capture any word that I could know about problem but I could only listen from Mina Teacher that daughter-in-laws are real prosperity of the home. I couldn't understand what matter was  but I was so much stressed. I thought as we see in the society that mother-in-law is only reason for sadness of daughter-in-law. I also assumed same. I put everything aside and prayed God to free ma'am from her suffering.

In whole exam time, I prayed God.

Recess was finished. Ma'am went to her vehicle for taking water bottle and she collided with another Ma'am. We all students felt sad that how much ma'am was stressed that she could not see her. Ma'am went to take lectures. I was impressed that ma'am went to lectures in spite of having so much stress but I couldn't go back to paper and I left rest paper blank. I was upset so I took page and wrote what I was feeling for her without thinking about my exam. Supervisor couldn't observe my english writing in Gujarati's paper.

I never want to marry because I was observing from very childhood that Marriage is like curse and my stupid mind wrote in letter that reason of her sadness was marriage.

At end of the paper, I told my friend Nimisha to read and she scolded me for writing such thing (about marriage). I cancelled that lines and rewrote that letter. I didn't write my name in letter because I didn't want to let her know about letter was written by me so obviously I can't give her directly so I put it in her vehicle where she hanged her purse.

I was nervous that ma'am will scold me for interference in her personal life. I was only her student. I had no any right to write such letter. I tried to give up many times but Nimisha threatened me If I give up, she will tell ma'am about my blank paper. I didn't want that ma'am know that I left paper because of her stress. She would scold me and also might get hurt. Finally I left that letter in her vehicle.

I was waiting for her and her reaction. She came late while talking in mobile. I was in day school. I went in girls' hostel. I was watching from there.

She saw letter when she hanged her purse and read and watched here and there. I know she was searching me. I was invisible for her. She took letter and put it in her purse.

She went to home.

After this day, It was holiday of Mahashivratri. I also remember that date. It was 21st February. I was praying whole day that My Dear Ma'am would be fine.

Next day, we were waiting for her while sitting for exam. She came with smile. I was extremely happy that God might have convinced by my pray. Nimisha told me that there was no any problem after giving letter. I also thought that it was good eventually. I heard Meena Teacher saying that God heard your pray. That means, problem was solved.


Ma'am was collecting something as supervisor and she came nearer to me and told me in such a way that I felt she was telling in anger “meet me in recess”. I afraid that she would scold me about my letter. I continued my paper....

In recess, I brought pens as a gift for teachers and my friends. I told Khushi to distribute it among friends. I was giving to another teachers. I was afraid so I was delaying to go to Ma'am. I told Khushi to give pens to other teachers who sat near Ma'am so I can avoid her scold but Trupti ma'am said that who brought it, she had to give. I went there. I gave pens to them. I gave to Ma'am without seeing her face but she took from my hand gently and told me “ we will meet afterwards. Now all are here. ”

She came after recess and said,

“ For what this pen?”

“As a gift”

“Did you write that letter?”

I nodded in yes

“I almost knew it. Thank you so much for this love. My mother was not well so I just cried.”

These two line as reply of letter were priceless.