The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 12





Yuvraj Sinh Khuman was seating on the passenger's seat of his Fiat Jeep. 


His trusted deputy Devu Bha was driving the SUV. They have just crossed Shamlaji Check Post. They are heading towards Udaipur.


Yuvraj Sinh has closed his eye and started to think about the events occurred on that fateful night. 


He remembered his confrontation with Mahaveer Shah.


" Look Son I told you that I  have hand over the object to some strange man"  He recalled the exact words from the Mahaveer Shah.


" Don’t play the games with me , you old fart ! Give me the object else " He remembered that intensity of his voice has been increased.


It was the really nasty idea to bring the revolver and even nastier to aim at the old man.


He saw from the corner of his eyes that an old man has bend himself and trying to open the cabinet of his table.


Yuvraj Sinh Khuman was cursing himself for that fateful moment when he has fired the shot from his revolver which killed the great Mahaveer Shah.




" Wait..Wait .. Freeze the screen " Inspector Nishant Shukla said to computer operator.


He was watching CCTV footage of the Imperial Heights.


In the screen he saw a man with some strange kind of outlook.


The footage was not clearly visible due to the night and bad camera angel. 


" Give me the colour print out of the screen and resume the playing of footage" He ordered to the computer operator.


Computer operator handed him the print out. It was colour photo of the frozen screen. Not much in visible form.


The footage resumed and he just mostly no activities apart from people leaving the complex. 


He was not finding anything much useful in the footage started to stop the footage and than he saw one Fiat Jeep SUV entered in the complex.


" I know him. He is Yuvraj Sinh Khuman. He is well know transporter and belongs to royal dynasty. " Constable informed to Inspector Nishant Shukla.




Kalpesh Gandhi was in the madness. 


He clearly remembered that Mahaveer Shah has handed over him the object.


" I have killed your son and daughter in law and now if you don’t give me what I wanted I will surely kill your last living family member. Your granddaughter Poorva Shah " He remembered him self giving threat to the old man.


His threat of killing Poorva Shah has made old man uncomfortable. The lines of worries was seen on his forehead.


" Please don’t do anything to Poorva. I am giving you the object " Mahaveer Shah has told him in broken voice.


Than Mahaveer Shah has given him the object which he put in his jacket and he quickly run away with it.


But now that object was not found. Which drawn him to sheer madness. 


He tried to think what has happened when he came out of the office of the Mahaveer Shah.


Than he recalled that he was hit with one motor cycle while he was taking exit. 


Kalpesh Gandhi has strong memory power. He recalled that motor cycle was Royal En-field Bullet.






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