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It is 10 O'clock - 6

Krishna called Priya and they agreed to meet at a ccd. Krishna got early there and was waiting for Priya. And there she was. She entered the ccd and Krishna felt that she brought some sort of calmness with her. She was looking so pretty that every eye in ccd got stoned for a while. She brought an aroma of positive energy with her that there was no place for negative energy. Krishna was feeling good , but Priya found immediately that something is terribly wrong as she had been gifted with the power of reading faces. She took his hand in her hand warmly and asked what happened Krishna. Krishna could not control himself and his eyes turned watery. He told her everything about Aashka and when he finished Priya wanted to cry a loud but she had to control because she was there to help him not to cry with him. For a moment she could not find words how to console him. She was feeling pity for Aashka that she was denying this kind of holy love. Because everybody is not lucky enough to find such a love.

For a thin moment she also felt that if Krishna would have loved her so much , she could have fought with the entire world to be with him. But that was just a thought , immediately she started to find answers to this scenario. She told him that Krishna I was not also able to understand why Aashka was doing this. But if you love her truly , you have to wait for a while. May be she was going through something and was not able to talk to you about that and that's why she was not talking to you. Krishna when you love somebody , you have to trust her completely. I know that it is hard for everybody , that for a moment we believe that she or he has cheated us. But please don't let anger burn the true feelings of love. You know when you love someone and that someone doesn't love you back means that he/she is so possessive of your love that he/she does not even give it back to you. Priya's words were very soothing and somewhat healing too. Krishna could not say anything so he just took her hand into his hands and every tissue in his eye was saying thank you and on the other side Priya's eyes were glowing with some satisfaction that she could do something for her best friend. And finally she said that Krishna love is like a flower which only smells if it is connected . If you remove it it will stink after a while and you have to throw it away. So please don't remove the flower of love from your heart.

Krishna went back to his home. He was feeling little better and he could sleep that night. And again the same dream moved further ahead. When he finished the song, she fell asleep. She was a real sleeping beauty. There was innocence like a baby on her face. Krishna was seeping her beauty with his eyes and my god it was like the cradle of life which was healing every bruise on his heart. He lifted her like a feather and laid her down on her bed. When he put her down , he could see a small smile in the corners of her lips. The scene was so breathtaking that every sound of the jungle got silenced and not even a leaf was moving as if the air was stone footed. Krishna's body needed to sleep but the body parts were not allowing. The hands wanted to touch her. The legs wanted to rush towards her. And there was a war between the pupils and the eye bids. And though the pupils were less in number , they were winning and not allowing the eye lids to close because they did not want to miss a single picture of her beauty. Krishna started to whisper a song for her.

When I close my eyes
my visions dont die
I can still see her face
as I never told a lie.

When I close my eyes
my dreams will start
I can still live with her
though she is very apart.

When I close my eyes
my worries begin to rise
I can still pray for her
as she is only mine.

When I close my eyes
my love doesn't fade
I can still love her self
though she can make me hate.

When I close my eyes
her pain is no more
I can still feel her pain
as we are now only one.

Krishna wanted to see her in the early morning light so he was still there near her bed. But he also could not fight the fatigue and slept. So what will happen in the next morning ? Who wins reality or dreams ?

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