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It is 10 O'clock - 11

Krishna’s eyes tried a lot to stop the tears coming out of them but eventually one or two drops came out victoriously but, they were wetter than usual as they were crying too. A tear dropped on Abha’s chick and she asked uncle why are you crying? Your mother also left you to take care of another child? Krishna could not understand the context and looked at Shambhu uncle for an explanation. Shambhu uncle smiled and with a very deep heavy voice said that no Abha his mother is with him only and not like your mother who went away to take care of another child. Abha again asked Krishna, why are you crying uncle? Krishna rummaged his mind to find a suitable excuse for a 4 years old girl. He found one, he said you are so adorable that when I lift you, your pinky poked my eye, so tears came out. Abha giggled and she said sorry uncle while holding her earlobes with both her hands. That scene was picturesque. An orphan girl was happy without anything in the world. She did not know her parents, her religion, or any other information as such. And still she was happy. This ignited a thought in Krishna’s mind. What is important in life?

What we have or what we do not have. Should we feel happy about what we have or unhappy about what we do not. The list of what we do not have is always bigger than what we have. The reason is the entire mankind is full of desires, one gets fulfilled and another one comes up the horizon of life. The expectations from life are always on higher side. That means we should not have any desires. But a person without a desire will not feel alive. Desire is the root cause of pain. When it gets fulfilled, we expect more and when it does not, we feel sad or down. This is a vicious cycle which never ends. Then the burning question is what to do with desire, whether to have it or not. If we have it, then what is the limit on that. What should we expect from life – money, love, or peace?

Money can accomplish every earthly desire. Love can make you feel whole and removes the fear of being alone. Peace can boost the effectiveness of mind which ultimately helps to improvise the decision-making process. So, what to desire and up to what extent?

Though money is everything in life, but the bitter reality of life says that everyone needs money. Though if you put a cap to the desire of earning more and more money, it will give you peace of mind. There is a catch in that. If all the big companies like Reliance, Adani, Tata would have thought like that they could not have provided jobs to so many people and play an important role in the development of our Country. That means the desire of earning money is not bad. Then what is bad? Krishna could not find any logical answer of that question.

So, he moved on to the next point “Love”. While money is the food for body, Love is the food for Soul. Without love, a human being cannot survive. Most of the humans go under a tremendous amount of pain when their hearts get broken. Many people across the globe even decide to end their life. That is not the right solution to this problem. This condition often leads to depression. Depression is not something anyone should trade lightly. Depression is a silent killer. Depression is the absence of self-love and loss of self-confidence.

If an orphan 4 years old girl finds happiness in an orphanage, why cannot we. She has nothing right in her life. She got dumped as soon as she entered in this world. She does not have any identity. But she is still alive and kicking. The reason is she has learned the most important lesson of life and that is “Never lose hope”. Every cloud has a silver lining. Hope is the fuel which keeps this human machine running and fighting the odds of life. Hope and depression are opposite ends of life. One enters if the other one exits from our life. Finding the right person to love is everybody’s dream or deepest desire. To love and to be loved is an indispensable part of our lives. But, to love is in our hand and not to be loved. As it depends on the person we love. Krishna finally found a logical answer to his problem. He loved Aashka with his whole heart. That was not the real problem. The real problem was the expectation to be loved from Aashka. Who in the world cannot expect that? No one. But when we do not get the positive response or the expected response, we end up into the darkest and bottomless pit of pain. The only ladder to come out of that pit is made up with the steps of efforts and the rope of hope. Hope is the shining star in the darkest sky of pain.

There is a thin line between hope and desire. Hope gives us strength to continue moving on in our life while desire makes us work hard to achieve the goals. The problem starts when we do not meet our goals or we do not have desirable results after a huge amount of efforts and time, we start to lose hope and depression is right at the corner. But if we do not expect the results in our favor or expected, we will not lose hope or feel disappointed. This state is extremely difficult to achieve, but what other choice we have. Life will go on with or without us. That means we are left with only one choice to move on. So, without expecting the results in our favor to continue putting our efforts and trust the almighty God is the best way to live in life.

Krishna finally managed to make his mind understand the logic behind the questions. His heart is now filled with new set of hopes. A new wave of positivity is now running in his wains giving him all the strength needed to forget the pain and move on. There is more to life than just losing someone. He finished the little tour of the orphanage with Shambhu uncle and met Priyanka at the office. Priyanka saw a new spark in his eyes and felt very happy inside. As her mission Krishna was successful.