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Next day when Krishan woke up, he had two more hands to help him to fight the current situation. First hand is his best friend Priyanka and second hand is his trust on himself. No matter what the condition in life is, no body can help you if you can’t help yourself. Life gives you choices whether to back down or to move on. Life is not a helping hand to you, rather it is a freedom given to you to make your own choices. When pain strikes, it has the capacity to give you deep scars. The scars from which you may never heal. But life has an impeccable weapon which has been given to us.

No matter how deep the scar is, time can heal that scar. It is just that you must be patient while that happens. Patience is the most important virtue now a days. One more beautiful creature the God has created for us is a friend. Luckily, Krishna has both the weapons in his arsenal to fight the war against the pain he is going through.

To find the real meaning of his life, Krishna applied for a month’s leave from his bank. After applying that, he felt relieved. He called Priyanka to meet. She agreed to meet him but at a different place. Krishna was a bit anxious about the place, but Priyanka was adamant about not telling him. Next day morning brought a new ray of light in Krishna’s life.

Priyanka called and asked him to wait outside his house. Krishna was waiting eagerly for Priyanka and she appeared at the corner of his street in a beautiful white SUV. The car was decorated as if it were someone’s birthday. Krishna with a surprised tone asked whose birthday it is. Priyanka smiled and replied everyone’s. Krishna could not get the context, so he just sat in the car next to Priyanka and looking ahead on the road. Priyanka drove about half an hour and they reached at the place called “Miracles”. As soon as Priyanka’s car entered the compound, she honked, and an ocean of smiles surrounded her car.

Krishna was still baffled about what is happening around him. Soon, he realized that it is an orphanage. They stepped out of the car and all the kids from 3 to 15 gathered around Priyanka calling didi didi didi. Priyanka was on a different planet now. She hugged each and every kid and gave a gift to everyone. No queue, no struggle for queue, just the purest form of love shared among them. The highest level of content was there. Every kid was happy, and Priyanka was super happy. Unknowingly, Krishna was able to forget every inch of pain he was going through since last couple of weeks. He too was extremely happy as most of the kids wanted to play with him or wanted to show somethings to him.

He was the center of attraction for a while over there. Then they went to meet the keeper of that orphanage Shambhu uncle. Shambhu uncle treated Priyanka like his own daughter and whenever she comes to “Miracles”, she pumps up the fresh air of happiness in the life of the orphanage. Shambhu uncle wanted to have a round of the entire orphanage with Krishna. Krishna was obliged and they started from the ground floor.

The entire premises are divided into three different buildings. First one is the main building where the kids stay. The second building contains multiple quarters for the workers of orphanage. And the third building is the office building. Then there is a mid-sized playground for kids with some equipment. They started with the main building. The main building has three floors and each floor having almost 10 rooms. Each room can sustain three kids within. So the arrangement was like 2 younger kids and an old one so that they can take care of each other.

Every room has a different story to tell, a different painful past, a different dark hole of circumstances. Most of the kids were dropped of by someone in the angel’s room while others are found by some NGOs, etc. In the third room, a 4 years old girl was playing with a doll and she was calling that doll “amma”. That cute angel was too young to understand that doll was not her mother. But the faith casted that doll into her mother. She was telling her mother to cook something for her. The scene was happy as well as the extreme end of sadness. That girl’s name was Abha.

Krishna’s ears left the ability to hear, his eyes were stuck and his whole body was paralyzed by being the witness of that scene. Abha was happy even though she did not have a mother. How? We have most of the things in life and we still can’t be happy but that little girl was happy even though that doll was never going to hug her or kiss her or cuddle her or put her to bad. Still, she was happy in her own ways. Krishna felt something warm on his chicks and he realized that a stream of tears was trying to move out of his eyes to meet the little angel.

He wiped the tears but could not control them. Suddenly, Abha saw both and rushed towards her favorite Shambhu uncle. She hugged him very tightly and was starring with her twinkling eyes towards Krishna. Krishna signed her to come near him. She pushed herself behind Shambhu uncle and hold his legs tightly. Shambhu uncle asked her to shake hands with Krishna with a very tender voice. Abha came forward and shook hands with Krishna. Krishna lifted her and hold her near his chest. She was still a little hesitant. Krishna pulled a chocolate out of his pocket and Abha smiled. She took the chocolate and hugged Krishna tightly around his neck. Krishna was so overwhelmed that the rhythm of their beating hearts was same. There was only one sound the sound of happiness. The sound of completeness.

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