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It is 10 O'clock - 5

Next morning when Krishna woke up , he took his phone to look for her message and the message was there saying that come to my home - Aashka. He was excited to read the message and reached at her place at 9 o'clock. She was there in the main room but her face was not hers. She was looking dull and she was not smiling either. She gave him something and said please read it. With shaking hands Krishna opened the envelope and he was so tensed that the letters were dancing and he could not read properly. But as he read the letter his feelings took the form of water and came out of his eyes and he passionately hugged her. And my god she was laughing and teasing him. The envelope contained two tickets for the Kerala- Tree House tour. He said aashu , you had given me almost a heart attack you know. She caught her ears and said sorry. And all the pain,mental pressure everything wiped out and Krishna was as usual feeling very lucky.

They had to reach their by plane and then they had to travel 50 kms jeep from that place. When they reached there it was almost dusk. The orange colored soldiers won the battle and now every tree was looking orange colored. Aashka was very happy to see the scene and all of a sudden the orange colored soldiers were defeated by the yellow ones because they did not want to miss the chance of seeing Aashka. The Sun may be changing its pattern to see the crowning jewel of beauty in the form of Aashka. She saw a little storm ahead and asked Krishna about that. He said its jungle this was normal there. But that was not the condition there was a battle going on among the sand,the wind and roaming leaves just to touch the goddess Venus itself. But none of them was successful because the window was closed by Krishna and there was a huge sigh but no one could listen that. They reached the center. There was a hanging bridge and they had to cross the bridge to reach to their tree houses. Aashka was afraid of walking on the bridge so she looked towards Krishna. His eyes were saying trust me dear and her eyes felt safe and she could walk on it properly. At the end of the bridge there was a ladder. Aashka said no I could not climb that. Krishna said aashu dont be afraid of climbing and he lifted her on his back and climbed up the tree house.

She asked didn't feel my weight. Krishna said sweety you were lighter than a feather so how could I feel your weight. She smiled and Krishna's fatigue was evaporated like the thin layer of water. Aashka was stunned to see the beauty of the tree house. It was partitioned into two rooms but a common room. Krishna could read the question in her eyes why two rooms so he answered aashu we are not still married. She thought that she made the only important decision of her life. She was feeling very proud. The common room had a sitting arrangement with two chairs and a table. It was already dark so the beauty of the jungle was not visible. They were very hungry so they had the dinner early. Aashka was feeling sleepy so they both went to sleep. But Aashka could not sleep because of the sounds of animal in the jungle. So she whispered Krish and immediately he answered yes aashu what happened ? She said you didn't sleep yet. He said how could I dear , I could not sleep until you sleep and I could hear you changing sides. She came to his room and with lots of love she pampered his head. There was a branch on which you could sit outside the tree house. So they both decided to sit there for a while. There was the empire of darkness outside. There was a full moon night so light was very bright. The Moon was staring her , so her face was lighten up by its light. It was hard to decide that Aashka's face was more beautiful or the Moon. Finally the Moon lost the battle and hid himself behind the clouds so that she could not also glow. But the rays of the Moon were not ready to leave her face , so still her face was glowing. Aashka said please sing that song you had written for me so that I could sleep. He said ok and started to sing.

i breathe just to see you my love
i eat just to hold you tight my love
i see just to see you smile
i hear just to hear your voice
i walk just to walk with you
i talk just to talk to you
i sleep just to see ur dreams
i dream just to be with you
i laugh just to make you laugh

i breathe just to see you my love
i breathe just to see you my love

i feel just to feel your touch
i sing just for you baby
i rest just to give you rest
i drink just to see you wet
i like just to be like you
i fell just to lift you up
i swim just to pull you out
i lie not to make you cry
i cry but can't tell you why

i breathe just to see you love
i breathe just to see you love

i want just you my love
i dance just to dance with you
i smile just to make you smile
i care just for you my love
i help just to do your work
i work just to make you work
i share just with you love
i want just you my love
when i die i will hold you tight

As he finished the song something happened and Aashka fell down from the branch and Krishna screamed like hell and his eyes were opened. It was a dream , she was not with him. The cruelty is that few days back reality was better than dreams for Krishna but now the dreams were better for him than reality. It was then 7 o'clock. He was so depressed and confused that he could not understand what to do. So he decided to meet his best friend Priya Khatri. She is a very sweet girl. She looks so innocent that one can forget every pain by just looking at her face. She is a friend of friends. Once she is your friend she will never back out in any condition. She will help you at any cost and will not think for a sec to cross any boundary for that. So let us see what happens when Krishna meets Priya.