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It is 10 0'clock - 8

He was standing alone on the bridge. His mind was so clouded that all his senses were not with him. Like some unknown force was dragging him somewhere. He was seeing the dark water under the bridge. The irony of the life the water without which life can’t survive was looking very scary during the night. He was in his own version of Bermuda’s Triangle. What is the value of his life the only question was getting hammered in his mind since last two hours. Was he ready to give it up ? But why ? Because the best thing that ever happened to him left him that’s why ? But is it not going to prove him weak and like garbage ? His anger was growing deeper and deeper. His fingernails were finding his own skin to penetrate. Then a very loud thunder struck the bridge and he was down.

He could talk with his inner self. The inner self was explaining him about the importance of life by flashing the entire life in front of his eyes. Like every morning how his mother used to wake him up with a sweet and kind voice. How his father used to play with him, and his chest filled with joy on every little achievement of his life. How both of his parents supported him during his journey of life. They have playing the role of an anchor to the ship of his life. And he is ready to throw it all away just because he lost someone’s love. It is not like that love is not important. But here the question is, is it an impulsive decision to end his life. Is he that unimportant or small or powerless that he couldn’t exist without Aashka. The inner self knew that something inside Krishna is badly broken and mostly irreparable. But human mind has a strange ability, to heal itself even in the worst scenarios. Human mind is the most powerful organ in the entire body. The inner self asked him a very simple question. What is more important to you? The shortest path which will end the happiness in his parents’ lives or a crying heart with a smiling face. The answer from Krishna’s mind was right, a crying heart with a smiling face. He chose to live; a battle was won.

Krishna took the first step from the sinking ship of darkness towards the ray of light and hope. This was a humongous step for him though it was a very small step. But to deceive the darkness inside him and create a deception for everyone else that he is ok. This step was the most important one.

Suddenly Krishna opened his eyes which were being pampered by the soft water droplets as if the mother nature was trying help her son in order to move on. He stretched himself up and walked towards his home. It was the beginning of a new dawn in the presence of a dawn. Birds start to chirp; early risers started their daily exercises or rituals. While Krishna was going towards the place where he always finds himself protected and pampered. While walking, he was thinking what to do next and how to handle the cruel reality of the merciless world. How to handle the pain without shredding a tear from his eyes.

He reached home and his mother opened the door. Krishna felt for a second that gates of heaven were opened and he could fulfil his wishes. His mother could find a hint of sadness in her son, a touch of darkness, a faint wave of depression. She asked him with all the love, what happened my son while she was soaking the dripping water from his head using her saree to save him from any possible viral infection. With a lot of effort, he could manage the tear at the corner of his eyes and said nothing Maa just tired. Let me have some sleep. With a motherly smile, she said change the clothes and then go to sleep.

Krishna slept till evening as every cell is in body was so stressed that together they had decided not to have any movement till they gather enough courage to support Krishna.