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It is 10'clock - 9

Krishna woke up the other morning having a huge dent on his heart which was now alone. His counterpart has left him. Krishna managed to pull himself out of the bed and went downstairs after getting fresh. His mother was cooking the morning breakfast and as he stepped down, she asked him to have the breakfast with all the possible love for him with a very gentle voice.

Krishna smiled but the emotions were not from his heart. He finished the breakfast and started for his office without any idea of what he is going to do with his life. He was waiting at the crossroads and a familiar voice shouted his name. For a milli second his heart missed a bit and thought it were Aashka, but it was Priyanka. She was waving her hand towards him and he turned into a statue. He was time travelling. Once he was waiting for Aashka at a restaurant and she was late. And all of a sudden, an auto rickshaw stopped near by him and Aashka just jumped out of it and hugged him without worrying about everyone else around them. Krishna’s left eye was smiling, and right eye was shedding tears. He came to his senses and waved back to Priyanka.

Priyanka signed him to wait next to the signal. She hugged him and immediately felt the pain of her best friend. But her lips were sealed. Krishna said that he is late for office, but she insisted to take a leave and spend time with her as she is there till the end of the week only. Krishna had to agree, as she is the only other person apart from Aashka he could never say no. Both planned to sit and have a deep dive in the pool of memories about their college life. Krishna chose a very quiet restaurant on S.G.Highway so that he can open up with her.

They both went to the restaurant and as expected it was almost empty. After sitting there quietly for some time, Priyanka started to talk about the elephant in the room. As she could read the torrent of pain in her best friend’s eyes. She asked what happened buddy? A sharp pain shot Krishna’s heart, he had to gulp that feeling and the only words came out of his mouth were she left me. Priyanka was surprised and asked who? He said the only love of his life, his Aashka. Priyanka said so what with a mask of naughty smile on her face. It was the best part of Priyanka’s character. She was not only just beautiful but also the girl with the golden heart. Her heart used to bleed for her friends. She used to be live wire of the team in college. She had the ability to solve any problem with her naughty smile on the most innocent face.

Krishna explained the entire situation to her with minimal lines. Priyanka put her hand on his shoulder and said I hear you Krishna. But there is the thing with love. You can’t make any body love you. It is a two ways street. The one who losses someone always thinks that there won’t be someone else like him/her. But that is not the case with life. Life will always be cruel but there is one more dimension to life. It is not just a saying that if life closes a door for you, it opens a new one. It is very much true. A person has many relations in life. Mother, father, sister, friends etc. There is love in each and every relationship. But a person goes into depression when he/she looses the love of life. Priyanka asked a question to Krishna why?

Depression is the biggest challenge of 21st century. People are connected to the world but disconnected with themselves. Depression is a situation in which the most powerful organ of the body becomes the enemy of the body in which it resides. It is easy to give up and blame the situations. But it is very difficult to stand up again when life throws you down. Life will play all kinds of trick with everyone. It is the job of an individual to face the music of life and find the answers to all those tricks. Priyanka stopped for a while and looked at Krishna.

Krishna was bemused and trying to get a hold on his thoughts while listening to Priyanka. He couldn’t believe that Priyanka the naughtiest among all of them could say something like this deep. He smiled though it was a faint one but it was a smile. Priyanka knew that faint smile was the first ray of hope. She continued and said to him that Love is very powerful. And to lose someone is the toughest thing for anyone to deal with. But what choice do we have apart from moving ahead. A little bump in life can’t be the end of life. There are many facets of life and most of the people can’t even explore half of them. One such facet is to experience pain. So, he explored that facet of life now. But it is a just a facet of life and many such facets are waiting for him to explore and move on with his life.