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It is 10 O'clock - 4

And after finishing the dinner Krishna and Aashka were returning home. Aashka was feeling so great that she could not believe that it was actually happened. She was still in her dreams. But Krishna was in real life as his real life was better than dreams. Krishna was the luckiest man on the Earth as he got his dream girl. He was looking at Aashka. She said that weren't u tired watching me since last three hours you had been watching me. So he replied aashu i believe that every heart had a missing portion. You are my that missing portion so how could I stop looking at you as your heart fits into mine. She was touched by this and pampered his chicks. Krishna was feeling like as if he were midas touched. He was still staring her. The time itself did not want to end this moment.

But the time has come to depart because they were now at Aashka's home. Krishna hold her hands against his chicks and said please don't go. Aashka's eyes turned watery but she said I also did not want to go but I had to. Please don't spoil your mood. He smiled but painfully and said ok. She stepped outside the car and started to walk towards her house. It was the most painful and longest walk. She was taking every step very forcefully because they were the two opposite poles of magnet which were attracted towards each other. Krishna was staring her back but he could see the pain her heart feeling and like every muscle of her heart was trying to push her back towards him so that they can feel the most beautiful feeling in the world called love. Krishna felt little droplets of water he looked up and saw that clouds were crying a bit to see this departing scene. Aashka turned around to say good night. Krishna felt something wrong his heart was getting crushed by the pain and he just ran away like a bullet and hugged Aashka so tightly that she could not breathe for few seconds. She hold her face very softly and said please let me go so that I could be with you tomorrow.

Krishna got a hold on himself and he left her house and went to his house. Next day they met and then they used to meet each and every day. The sole existence of their personalities was doubtful even they were born with that or not ? there was again a question. They had now a single soul living in two different bodies. Krishna could read her eyes and face that sometimes they did not need to talk via language they could talk in their sign language. Then one fine morning Krishna did not get the good morning message from his soul mate. He got surprised so he did the message but still there was no message. He started to worry about her and called her thrice but there was no reply. Then in the noon the message arrived only saying hi. He was bit angry with her but he did not tell her anything as he loved her too much. Then that night also she did not talk to him. Krishna was sleepless. His beloved wife was behaving very strangely.

He decided to ask her in the morning and tried to sleep but he could not sleep. A very dangerous thought was killing his brain regarding their relation. Because for Krishna she was the only reason to live, the only passion to be passionate about , the only way of living, the only way to happiness , the only ray of hope, the only sight of his vision, the only rhythm of his life, the only light for his dark and lonely life, the only thought he wanted to chew again and again and again. But he was feeling very awkward. May be their lives were taking a very steep turn. May be not...