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It is 10 O'clock - 3

Then Krishna started the car and he was driving the car. But he was not able to concentrate on the road because his next sit was occupied by the human form of his every desire , his happiness , his utmost existence , his lifeline.
Aashka was looking so marvelous that the trees alongside the road were trying to bend as much as possible just to have a glimpse of her beauty. It was not very windy night but still Aashka had to adjust her hair as if the air also wanted to participate in the race and just covering her hair so that others could not see it. And my god the way she took her hair back of her ear that scene was so cute that it was hard to describe in the words.

Then after a while they entered in a riverside hotel. He had booked a window side table. As Aashka entered the hotel every man in that room was jealous of Krishna. But Krishna could not see that as his eyes were meant to see only his Aashka. Every fork was hold still , every mouth was half opened , every eye was there on her face and every waiter wanted to serve this couple. They settled down at their booked table and according to Krishna's arrangement Aashka's favorite starter was served. It was a sizzler and it was very hot so it was placed within a wooden barrier. Then before she started to eat Krishna took her soft hand into his hand and said for the rest of my life I would be this wooden barrier for you as this wooden barrier does not allow the heat to pass through I would not allow any trouble to pass through me and reach you. This was my first promise as there are seven promises in a marriage.

Then he ordered tomato soup with cream because she likes that way. Then again he said while looking into her deep sparking eyes that I would be like this cream which adds a little extra to the soup , so I will always try to add little extra to our lives. This is my second promise.Aashka was enjoying because eating was her hobby. Then the first sabji arrives and it was Paneer Tikka masala, especially the gravy was Aashka's favourite. Krishna said that as this gravy mixes with every sabji I wiould dissolve myself in you and I surrender my existence to you to make our life happy and spicy like this paneer tikka masala. I will adapt every angle of your life so that we can be a single soul living in two different bodies. This was my third promise.

Aashka just loved khoya kaju so she was expecting the same dish. But she was curious about what would Krishna say about that. And he said only spice is harmful, only sweet is also so I will try to add a little sweetness when it is spice and a little spice when it is sweet. This was the fourth promise. Aashka was eating a bit faster because she was anxious to know the remaining three promises. But the fifth promise was not a dish it was buttermilk. He lifted the glass and said aashu you don't need this buttermilk while eating. But if it is there it helps us to digest the food. In the same way I would be there in each and every turn & twist of our lives to help may be you would not require it but I would be happy to do that because I think this will create our life as smooth as a flower bed. This was my fifth promise.

Aashka was surprised because they had finished the lunch and finger bowls were there. But then Krishna said as this lemon and hot water clean our hands I would love to do the same thing. As every coin has two sides , everybody borns with virtues and vices. I will accept you with every vice and try to remove the vice and if I can't do that I will cover that vice in such a way that no finger can be pointed out to you. That was my sixth promise. Aashka's eyes were watery because now she knew the actual love of Krishna. And she was waiting for the last promise. As only dessert was remaining as per her thought it was the vanila ice cream with lots of chocolate. But this time Krishna said upto now I said that i would be like this but now for the last promise I would say that the ice cream looses its taste and shape under different circumstances. But I will never change under any circumstance because it is not I anymore I had been We and you would find me next to you in any trouble of our life.

Then he bent on his knees and held her hand between his two hands and said. My love you are the only song my ears want to listen. you are the only scene my eyes want to watch. You are the only scent my nose wants to smell. You are the only touch my skin will like to feel.You are the act my hand want to do. You are the only dream my brain wants to dream every single night of my life and You are the only one with whom I want to walk the path of my life.