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when you die....

When you die,or the time of dying if anybody say how was your life, have you lived your life bravely?. At that time if you can say yes I lived my life very bravely,than it is too good but the answer must be right,and should not come only to say this. If you are really right than it is worth, otherwise it is useless. Totally useless, think now what type you are living. Are you living really without fear or not.

Man always lives with fear, but person should remember always following things.

1. Courage is your best friend in your life.
2. You need courage in each and every step. 3.there is no value of other virtue without courage 4. If you have to choose only one virtue,you have to choose only courage in your life. 5.many person have wealth, health, equipments but if don't have courage than it has no value.

We have seen many people live but they have no real courage. We have seen so many students ,when they choose their carrier, at that time they always thinks of so many people. At that time they should do what they want to do. not what people will say. Everybody has to has to take all advice from so many people,from their parents from their friends but he should do as he want to do.this is the the real courage.

At the time of marriege so many girls and boys don't takes their decision by their own courage, so many times we seen that by force of somebody girls and boys takes decision and after they feel this was not right. At that time courage must be there.

After marriege we can see so many men never respect their parents due to fear of their spouse, this is the worst thing. Anything may happen but even there is girl or boy both should must must must have courage to tell the right thing to his partner, whatever result may come. We see many times the one partner always suffers so many wrong things from his partner. At that time courage is must to say right things,if you don't do this than at the last stage of your life you will always regret that I should behave couragely at that time.

In offices where we are working so many things are going wrong. In our office many colleagues are doing wrong or many time our boss is doing wrong but most of time we have no courage to say right thing. We are fearful person but we must develop courage in our heart. Many times we thinks what will happen if I will say this or what will happen if I will do this or that. But remember if you feel by heart that this is right and if you will not tell than you will never forgive yourself,at that time you have to have to and have to tell the right thing.

See courage is not available in the market from where you can buy. you have to show your courage at every time. Otherwise at the time of dying you will always regret that yaar if I had shown a little courage.

The best sentence is this "never too late."
In any age you are living but never forget courage at any cost.

From today decide with yourself that I will live always always always with courage only.so I will never regret with myself that I had not shown courage at that time.

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