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I love my profession.

The great sentence is " if you love what you are doing, you are successful "

All men are working but I have seen so many does not like his job or profeession. The first thing is that always choose your profession in which you are intreaseted. When student has to choose his carrier he becomes so frustrated that what he should do. Sometimes he is so confused and not aware to take decision. All are going to learn engineering so he choose blindly this line. But never do this,first find your interest and than choose your profession. This is very important so do what you love.

Do what you love is great thing and every motivator says like this way. But I am telling you different thing. I am fully agree that you have to do what you love but if you can't do this by anyways and if you are doing job or any bisiness which you don't like than the great word is LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

LOVE WHAT YOU DO is my favourite slogan which so important that every person should adopt this. Suppose you wanted to become actor but now you are doing diffrent job or business. Then never never never upset. Tell youself, MY PROFESSION IS BEST IN THE WORLD. If you talk yourself and not only tell but if you belive firmly than you will be heaven all the time.

The great scientist albert einstein was very hard worker. His wife was very nice and love too much to einstein. By seeing einstien working very hard and did not take holiday since last so many years, one day she came to einstien and told we will go to hill station so you can take rest.
Einstien told her where we will go. She suggested one place. Einstien told no this place I don't like. She suggested 2 nd place than einstein told no this place really I don't want to go. One by one she suggested ten places and each and every places einstien rejected. After she told that baba, I am tired now you take pen write the name of hill satation where you want to go. Einstien took pen and write, my hill starion name is LABORATORY. Laboratoty where he worked, it was hill station for einstein.

Friends, if you love your work and if you belive my profession is best in the world than in your life, problem will never arise.

No works are bad, boring or non exciting. If you love your job or business than it becomes hill station for you.

What all we are doing. We always see difficulties in our work. Always and always we are complaining of our works.

I have seen so many people are crying for there work. And always saying in his business this and that difficulties are there. But this is not good at all. When you have choose to do this business or may even you have not choose but now you are doing this business and you know you have to do this work than why crying ? Can't you do your business with interest and with smile and do your business with happiness.

Friends if you do your work with intrest with smile and with happieness than all world will be differnt. And you will be always happy amd satisfied . And our mind is very strange. Each and every day all thoughts is coming about our business problems. Always say your mind,every day that my work my profession is best in the world and don't only tell, but belive and behave like this way. And you will see difference.

Again and again I am telling you this is most important that do what you love but the most important thing is LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

......Thank you