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it's a trap - 3

Bottle was broken into few big pieces and hundred of small pieces spread in her room.
She carefully started to pick pieces. She didn’t want to hurt herself.
Thank god it was empty she thought.
She collected all big pieces and put them in a dustbin, that was below her bed. She went towards hall to took broom stick.
She started collecting small pieces with broom stick. She stopped infront of Almirah, it had a big mirror which was reflecting Sikha’s image. She gazed at herself, touched her hair. Her hair was red, the colour that her husband liked most. She didn’t dye it for her husband but she dyed it for Ayush.
Her mind was flooded with hate thoughts and her eyes were wet in tears. She wanted to break that mirror, she didn’t want to see herself. But she stopped. She knew every broken piece of this mirror would reflect her image.
That mirror hold a lot of memories for her. She cracked her pregnancy news, when her husband was in front of this mirror. His reaction and his wide smile was still alive in Sikha’s memory. After her miscarriage, they both looked at each other and cry a lot , in front of this mirror.
She dropped broomstick and opened Almirah. She took out all photo albums and put them on bed. She started seeing her old photographs. There were photographs from her childhood, her school time, her first date with her husband, their honeymoon and of her pregnancy months.
Photographs can be source of both happiness and trouble for anyone. As these photographs were making Sikha happy but there were also photographs that destroyed her life. Her husband committed suicide because of photographs, her mother- in -law died in pain of losing her young son.
She looked at her mobile to see news, she was now ready to face consequences of her actions.
Her brows frowned, she read news which she couldn’t digest. She ran in hall, turned on TV, switched to news channel to confirm what she read.
‘millionaire Ayush has been arrested from his house… earlier a burnt body was found in his house.’
It was the headline of news channel.
How it could be him, it was not his home sikha thought. She was trying to connect events but she was getting more confused. Did I plan it or am I also a victim of it she thought. She took her mobile phone.
She dialled a number. It was same number form which she received call few minutes ago.
No one picked the call, she tried again.
“Hello!” Sikha said
“ You found photos?” he said
“No, but I found something else, you cheated me!”
“Are you mad?”
“How Ayush got arrested?” Sikha demanded.
“Not relevant to you,” he said.
“Tell me or I will surrender in front of media.”
“have patience,” he said politely “ I am coming to pick you , I will tell you everything.”
She disconnected call and went into kitchen. She cook breakfast for her, took a bath and dressed in blue jeans and white top. Only one thought was running into her mind am I also trapped.