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it's a trap - 4

Sikha locked her house's door and walked towards street’s end. Her friend should be there in 15 minutes.
She was bothered of Aayush's condition. She was not at all related to Aayush but his arrest made her sad. She was confident that whole truth was not told to her. She still doubts their plan.
She stood under tree's shadow and dialled that number again.
“ how lo…,” she tried to say.
“I am coming in 10 minutes,” he said.
“It's 3rd time you are saying this,” she said.
“This time confirm,” he said.
Sikha couldn’t wait for long. Last night's memories were still haunting her.
This time she tried to involve with it, she needed answer for her questions. She wanted to know ‘ what went wrong? And ‘ why she did that horrible crime?’.
She didn’t take sodium ball with her, she found that in kitchen.
You're missing something Sikha, just focus, she said.
I am not a science student. I wasn’t aware about sodium reaction with water. I just saw that on a random video. I saw that video because I heard about it somewhere, but where?. She furrowed her brows to think deeply.
Her thoughts were disturbed by a car's horn. He honked again, sikha looked at him and anger came on her face.
From him,Sikha mummered.
He came out from his old maruti 800. He was the same police man, whom Simran blackmailed earlier in the story.
“Nice car!” Sikha smirked.
“Good for a honest man,” he smiled.
“You're not honest!” Sikha shouted.
“Calm down. I am still a policeman.”
“Suspended.” Sikha said.
He was posted to annihilate that scandal but he himself got trapped into it. He later told his senior all about that, and got suspended from his job. He also made a lot of powerful people angry and to get his job back he had to annihilate this scandal. He was still handling that case but without his uniform.
“let's go,” he said.
“Where?” Sikha said.
“Simran - office- to delete photo’s”
“ Trust me there is no foul play,”
“I don’t trust you, I can’t trust you.” Sikha said
He took a deep breath , looked into Sikha’s eyes and chuckled.
“ Do you have any other option?” he said.
Sikha face became expressionless. She remembered their deal and he helped her a lot in taking her revenge. She could be arrested earlier but he saved her.
“You will release Aayush.”
“Bail's option is always available.” He said.
She sat in his car and they drove towards Simran’s office.
He stopped his car few blocks before Simran’s office. He didn’t want to get capture in CCTV camera. Sikha walked towards the office building.
She entered into the building, watchman smiled at her. Simran was so powerful that nobody dared to stop her employees, they never needed to register they name in visitor’s book. Sikha get inside the lift, pushed number 6 button. Her heart was palpitating, she was preparing herself to face her colleagues. Lift stopped at 6th floor, Sikha took a deep breath and walked towards flat number 601.
She opened door with an extra key. She knew she had too answer many questions of her colleagues.
But for her surprise, office was empty. She never thought she would enter into a dreary office. She found things doubtful but she gave up that thought quickly and entered into Simran’ s office. She remembered Simran’s laptop's password. She opened it and deleted all the malicious photographs in Simran's laptop. She took the laptop with her. She knew, it had a lots of secret but she was only concern about her husband’s photographs.
She left building and walked toward the parking car. She didn’t say anything and sat inside it.
“Take this laptop,” Sikha said.
“To clean it's data completely,” sikha said.
There were going to police station, it was a 2 hrs drive from Simran’s office.
Sikha didn’t say anything for long, she was just staring at his face, trying to find answers of her questions.
He is surely hiding something, I didn’t tell him that I stole keys from sikha, she said.
“What Aayush was doing there?” she asked
“ I anticipated that question” he said
“ Answer!”
“I am not obliged to answer but still I will tell you everything, I want you to trust me.” He said.