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it's a trap - 5

"Do you know about the other two girls?” He said, trying to read Sikha's expression, “they were sent before you.” He continued as Sikha gave blank expressions.
“Yes!” Sikha nodded, “ they were murdered by Aayush.”
“No, not only by Aayush.”
“Than!?” Sikha said.
He took a pause, trying to frame words, so that Sikha could absorb this revelations.
“They were murdered by both, Simran and Aayush.” He said.
Sikha stared at him, it was impossible for her to digest this epiphany. Her eyes were wide open, looking at side mirror. Something clicked in her mind, she again stared at him, distrust could be seen in her eyes.
“You’re lying! Sikha wanted to trap Aayush.” She said.
She said this to support her own belief.
“Simran was a clever woman , her moves could not be judge by anyone. Aayush was not his victim and you were not a bait,” he said, “ the truth is completely opposite. Simran wanted to trap you through Aayush.”
His voice was very clam, he said all this without hesitation and there was no sign of nervousness was on his face.
“ You made a nice story, but missed one tiny point,” she chuckled, “Aayush has a lot of assets and I have nothing, what would she get from me?”
She was trying hard to defend her belief.
“You have a pair of kidney, two eyes , liver and many more organs,” he said, “ and your finger prints too.”
He said it in blackface. His voice was confident enough to made Sikha thoughtless.
“There are people, who steals fingerprints from dead body and sell it to criminals.” He said
“Okay!?” Sikha said.
“It help other criminals as they can do crimes without getting caught,” he said
He looked towards Sikha and said “ And why they never get caught.”
Sikha, who understood it said “ because fingerprints matched with a dead person and you can’t arrest a dead person and as fingerprints are fake real person never get arrested.”
“Why did you send me there, if you already aware about all this?” sikha said.
He shunned this question because of traffic. He knew he was on right path, he anticipated that question.
“I didn’t send you,” he said after 15 minutes, “I helped you getting your revenge, I saved you from every possible threat.”
It was not a complete truth but it was not a lie also.
Sikha remembered meeting him. It happened after she came to know about his case, it was very popular in Simran’s office. Sikha met him and shared her story.
He also agreed to help Sikha as he needed to arrest Simran and delete those photos.
“Why Aayush was there?” she said.
It was last question in her quiver.
“To kill you!” he stopped.
He knew this answer won’t satisfy her, she already knew this. But he decided to stop because of honking sounds.
“I am sorry! We didn’t tell you whole plan,” he said, “We kidnapped Aayush, he was there in the next room.”
He messed this answer and doubt of Sikha rose.
“Were you also there?” she asked
“Yes! I was also there.” He said
“ I wanted to stop you, I even ran after you but it was already too late. At first I didn’t realize that you wanted to torch her, you were going according to our plan. But that.. That sodium ball, I don’t know how you found it?” he said.
“It was there in the basement, gloves were also there and water was also there, everything was already set up” she said
He didn’t say anything on this topic, it would in never discuss with her. But he needed to come up with something.
“ You messed everything!” he shouted, “ I was about to arrest both of them.”
“You still arrested Aayush,” Sikha said.
“He will be out on bail, we don’t have proofs against him. I would made them sit in front of each other and would made them accept there crime,” he said, “ those two girls… now they will never get justice.”
The last line hurt Sikha. She didn’t want to remorse anymore. She made her mind to do penance.
“We can give them Justice, I am still Aayush’s girlfriend.” She said.
“Yes you are.” He smiled