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Ghosten Resort -1

This Novel is presentd on the resort, A honted resort that kill hundreds of famely member. This resort are present in the America, losland, A place where nothing was going because the losland was also known as ghostland because of ghosten resort. So lets start the journey of losland…..
There was a summer holidays and a Indian family was arrived in losland and go to ghosten resort when he was near by ghosten resort a men stopped his car and said “ Go back Go back otherwise you all are killed. The family not belive in the ghost and the family think that he was mad and use for tretment and all are arrive to ignore to the old man. And sometimes later he arrived at resort.

Name of family members…
1. Hardik ( Father of Rahul and Anshika)
2. Anita (Mother of Rahul and Anshika)
3. Rahul (A 22 year boy)
4. Anshika (21 year girl )
5. guider

The whole famely is exited to go in the resort when all family go in resort the guider was say that this is your resorts see the resort and enjoy the guid says and arrives from these place. All four members of the family was so happy to see the resort and then a owner of resort was come and sayes welcome sir welcome in ghosten resort. The Rahul says to owner why this resort name as ghosten. The owner says because my father name is John ghosten so that this resort named liked that. Hardik says your resort was very beautiful my family was lived in this resort please give me keys. And yes this place was so empty why and also this resort was empty. The owner says that because this time in America was a working time in America there was not a holiday when the day of holyday many people was come. By the way this is your keys . All the family member are so happy to see his room. When they enter in his room he was see that the rooms was so dirty and so bad in condiotion. Rahul says euu.. this room was so bad in condition I AM no like this types of room. His sister say omg this room was so scarry my make up I am not Live in this place his father come o beautiful room. His son said this is butifull room this was so horror room his father says no child this room room was so beautiful if we clean us. We will clean this room no never. His father says no child we all clean this room because we are Indian and Indian was so kids and madhur so we all are clean this house all are says ok.. father.. All are clean the room and all are enjoyed but the Anshika was see a place where the unpleasent sound was comming she was curious to know that what this sound was coming...

To be continued. . . . . . .

This story was a imaginaring so please read and
Ike are story and follow as and in Last we only says

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