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Ghosten Resort - 3

Hello.., and welcome to the world of fear. I am AUTHOR X and now I am presenting a scarey, thireal and Adventure Story for you, THE GHOSTEN RESORT, PART 3

-- Preasent Time, in losland GHOSTEN RESORT------

The Anshika was hear a unpleasent sound from basement, she was thik " what is these, these sound was so unpleasent. Some times after the Unpleasent sound was hypnotize the Anshika and Anshika was walk and go in the basement.

All are clean his room and resort, the Rahuls father was sayes " see the resort, now.. this resort was... "The Rahul says " so beautiful papa.." The Rahul again says " papa where was Anshika. The father was says " I don't know the Anshika was with you " the Rahul says " no I was busy in cleaning room so I don't know, I think mummy was know" the Rahul was go to his mother and says " mummy where is Anshika" " I don't know child" his mother was says. " So where is Anshika " Rahul says. " Your father was know " his mother was says. " No papa was also don't KNOW where is Anshika. " What then wherenis Anshika find them fast " his mother was says crying voice. all the family members was find the Anshika. The Rahul was see everywhere but they leave the basement the Rahul run in basement and he says his sister was eat a mouse theses see the Rahul was shout and the parents was come and see the Anshika and run to Anshika. " Anshika.. what are you doing child throw it" said his mother to throw mouse bones on his hand. The Anshika was says in men voice " you.. fool.. get out from these place..." and Push his mother. The Rahul was know that ghost was in it body. " Mummy, papa there was an ghost in his body" Rahul says to his parents. " What..."The parents was says. " yes before going America we serch in Google of this place in so I am see that on this place there was no people was come" Rahul says to his parents. " So, why are you not told me said" his father says. " Sorry papa, now what we will do ". " Now we talk to the owner of this resort.

They go to the owner and says " now, tell the Story of these place right now" in angry voice " the owner says" which s t o r y you say " his fathe says in loud voice " shurt up, owner now tell me the story of these place, in my daughter's body there was an ghost now tell me the story in clear Word authorwise we call the police and bane thease place and your resort. O so you not tell me the story.. so ready to go in jail. " Jail no... I am telling the story.

To be continued


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