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Ghosten Resort - 5

Ghosten Resort - 5

In the well......

When he see a small gate he think that "I opened This gate I think this is the way to going to tantric. He going near the slowly and open the gate. When he opend a gate and he dicided to go this was. And they in the way by crolling and when he finish the way he was see many zombie. And at the end there was a one more large gate but there was a many zombies and he go to the gate who he was go to the gate? And then he gone an idea that in his bag threr was an gulal and with gulal he shoot on zombies eye and go to the gate. Then he pick a gulal and shoot on zombies and all zombies are crushed and Rahul run towards the gate and enter in room and closed the gate fastly. And when he on the tourh he sees that there was an old man standing in air and said " who are you clid" and then Rohit says " Hello... sir.., I am R...ohit. and then tantric landed on land and says " O Rohit good named, why at
Re you come here " Then Rohit says " sir in my sister body there was an ghost " tantric was says " what ghost.... You are come from losland" Rohit says " Yes I was goning America for holiday" and then tantric says " I was, means your family was also come" Rahul says " yes, my mother and father" tantric was says " o my god " let's go to your parents and sister otherwise the spirit was kill your sister. The Tantric was go in los land with Rahul.

In los land....

Rahul was says mummy, papa tantric was come . Rahul's parents was come and says " o my god, Rohit, Rohit you was fine" the Rahul says" yes mummy I was fine by the way mummy this is tantric " Tantric says " where is your sister go famster"
Rohit go in basement and see the Anshika was not there . Rahul says " mummy where is Anshika" mother was says " I don't know..." Then a sound was come from his bad all the members and tantric go to his room, and see that his sister was flying. This see Tantric says " who are you" the split says " you tantric I will finish you " and then he push the tantric. And when he try to come near the tantric Rahul closed the gate and tantric rap the gate door to a moli ( moli was an Indian god thread). Tantric says " now, the spirit was not come out of room we are same now" His father says " now sir what we do to kill the spirit" Tantric says " we kill the spirit but....." Father says " but" Tantric says " but there was risk " father says " what risk
The Tantric say that he has an mirror of past where the person was gone in past.

To be continued......


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Awesome story and very interesting story when was his next part publish please tell me sir

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