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Ghosten Resort - 6

Ghosten Resort - 6

Hello, my friends welcome to the world of Adventure, Thriller and Scarry. I am presenting a very honted story part - 6 Ghosten Resort. One of the most important thing friends This is my first story so please write mistake in comment box so Improved my mistake in every Series. So without wasting time let's start the Story'....

Preasent time--------

The Tantric says there was an mirror of past where only one person will go and kill the spirit. Father says" Again one person. This time I will go" Tantric says " no Rahul was go because person will which was not married an below the age of 25, so Rahul you will go..." Rahul says " yes I will go " The Rahul was ready to go but his parents will not permission to go the Tantric understand the parents and some time after the parents was give permission to go. When the tantric go to his mirrior and Rahul was go into the mirror and he see that there was an old place and a verey scarry place Rahul was so in fear. When Rahul was walk few steps forward he hear the some one come to his side. The Rahul chase them and see that there was an man who's leg was cut I am go near to the man when he turned his face was so blooded and so so so scarey and the men was push him to word the Small temple of Durga mama and he see that in Durga mama hand there was an Trishul. Rahul was pick the Trishul and Chase the man again and with Trishal he was kill the spirit and go towards the mirror and come back to los land.

In los land....

Ever one was telling him what will happen Rahul says that the spirit was kill. Everyone was so happy . And then Tantric says " Go from the Anshika " When he opend the gate he see that Anshika was normal now. Everyone thanks to tantric and Tantric was safe the Anshika with the help of Rahul. All family was safe and losland is also safe.

All are going India

All was ready to go India and Rahul says " Bye owner uncle " the owner says " Bye Rahul , bye Anshika and bye sir" And when the family reach Airport. His flight for India was 3 pm and when his flight land on airports al family member was sit in plane And land in India


His flight was land in India and all are exited to go in house.Then he pick the Taxi and go to home. In Last Rahul says " home sweet home"

So, This is the Ghosten Resort novel Hope you all are liked our novel and his parts.So in last I am say STAY HOME STAY SAFE AND KEEP SMILLING ALWAYS Bye bye friend see you soon with a next Adventure Story.

The Adventure of life




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