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Ghosten Resort - 4

Hello, my friends how are I hope you all are fine at home, so today we Preasent a Thrill, Adventure and scarry story. So lets start the 4 th part of the Ghosten Resort. 

The owner was telling story about ghosten Resort

---- 1000 of year old -----

A beautiful place Los Angeles. There was a king who was so bad and grridy. And the place Los Angeles was so so beautiful place ever. And the king was for a sarap from Tantric for his bad behaviour from the Tantric sons. The sarap of Tantric was that the king was dead his split was arrive in los Angeles and los Angeles make a horror place where no people a Was coming when someone come in los Angeles he or she was die. And these place was known as losland because there was only land.

Present time...

" O my god now what we happen" Rahul says to owner. " Now we give help from a Tantric " says owner. " Where he was live " Rahul father says. " He was live in a cave. Says owner. " Why he was live in cave" Rahul says. " I don't know" owner reply.
" So lets go but where his cave"  the father says. " In under ground" " what in under ground " " how we are going to underground" " there was an place come with me " The owner go In a well and says " This is the way to go from tantric only one men was go so you decide who will go" " I will go " his Father says . " No I will go" his mother says" " papa, Mummy you both not go I will go and safe my sister"  Rahul says and jump in well. His mother was shoting " Rahul please comeback my child .but Rahul not hear his mother voice and go further away. 

In the well....

The Rahul says " o my god this is so dark" In well there was so darkness nothing was seemed. Rahul pick up torch and on it he sees that there was an big gate and on the gate there was an old type of design printed on gate. The whole environment was so scarry. But Rahul go and stand near by gate and open it when he open a bat was flying out of them. When Rahul enter in room the Rahul smell some thing very bad  and says " euuuu... What... Iss this so bad smell " when he ho further he sees a 50 skeleton when he see the rahul go back few steps and run away when he go outside of this room the gate was closed automatically. Then Rahul was thinking " what I do now I don't have any map of Tantric place " when he thinking he seems a small door and go near by the door slowly. And he thing I think this is the way to go from trantric. He open the gate and what he see....

To be continued........

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