Ghosten Resort - 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Ghosten Resort - 2

The gosten resaort

This is part 2 of novel

---Befor going in America, losland------

In the school, of india there was ending of final examination of 11 and 12 classes and in 11 class anshika was study and Rahul was study in class 12 and they are brother (as you all know, in part 1). And his small family in jaipur. His paret was an engineer and his mother was housewife. When Rahul and Anshika come back home from school. His father was says " child we all are go America for trip" All the children were shocked and says " omg we.. are... Going... To.... America.....hurrr.....rrraaa...." Both of child was so Happy. Both are so exited to go America. Anshika and Rahul was see the losland place in internet in his laptop when he search what both see they see that the losland is very honted place ever and his resort wasnalso honted in World in holiday non of people was going in losland. But his family was go in losland. The Anshika and Rahul was shock to see it. Then he was decided that we are go in losland and catch the ghost in ghosten resort because the brother and sister was so brave. They were know that in ghosten resort there was an ghost. His father was go for his bussenes in America. His wife was so Happy to go out of india. But the were don't know in losland what will be happen...

The date of going America was 5 Oct

3 oct.... In school

The Anshika was says to his friend " Hi kritika, you know on 5 th of oct we all are go in America" his friend says " what you go America, I am not a fool you go America haaaa.." we all click photos in America when you see the photos ok.. Ms fool"

In Rahul class room

Rahul was says to his friends " hello guys, you know my family and I am go America in holiyday" his friends was not belive and says " you go America.. so you purchase shoes for me haaa.. " the Rahul was says " ok I am pursued from America some one else to... " His friend was says " yes..." His friends was make a list of all thing and give cash to him.. But Rahul know that I am go America for catch the ghost not to purchase this things.

4 oct... In House

Rahul and Anshikas mother was packing the cloths, make up item ,his husband cloths his children cloths his mother was so happy. And his father was completed the project of going America and make files of them. And the children was pack his snacks , laptop, water bottle and the main things like photo of gods like ganash ji. For protecting us from ghost . The packing was ready and the paper was also ready and the ticket, passport pick his bag for going in America. And they were ready to go America....

To be continued....