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Revenge of the Ghost - 10

‘Stop following me or everyone will die.’ This statement was written on the front glass of the jeep. Nobody had ever faced anything like this, so nobody moved an inch and just stayed stunned at their respective places. To add to their fear, the blood written text was melting as if it were acid. There were letter holes in the glass and still small fumes were coming out it. This was supernatural. Ravindra never believed in such things but it was now difficult to deny. Satya was in complete trans and unable to speak anything. Ravindra was still trying to make some sense out of it.

Suddenly, he remembered that somebody was murdered, and he was supposed to reach there. He walked towards the jeep and a constable said, ‘Sir let us go in a different jeep. I have already called the station and a second jeep is nearby.’ Ravindra nodded and looked at Satya. She was still in tremendous shock. She just kept on staring Ravindra and said nothing. She wanted to speak something, but words were not coming out. The scene was still horrific. There was no light apart from the jeep headlights. The skid marks of tyres were visible on the road. Every eye was shivering not because of cold but because of the experience they had. Satya again screamed so loudly that a flock of birds flown away from a nearby tree. She was murmuring, red eyes, red eyes.

She pointed towards the jungle and everybody looked at two red eyes coming towards them as the shadow of death was slowly casting itself on these guys like it wanted to finish the task. Ravindra pulled out his revolver and pointed towards that direction. There was absolutely no sound apart from dry leaves being crushed. Every second the sound was getting higher and higher. Satya clinched Ravindra’s left hand extremely tightly. She was staring those red eyes from the hollow angle of Ravindra’s elbow. Every heart was racing like a car engine. Finally, it stepped out of the woods and it was a hyena which was common in that area. The Hyena looked at those people, growled and walked back quietly into the woods.

Everybody took a sigh of relief. Satya was still tensed. Ravindra hold her face with all the possible tenderness and said, ‘Satya. It is nothing. It is just a hyena. It is gone now. Please relax. I am here and I won’t let anything happen to you.’

Satya calmed down with a faint forcible smile. She knew deep down her heart that it was not over yet. Meanwhile the second jeep has arrived. Ravindra did not want to take Satya with him but he could not leave her alone also. So, everybody with a quiet and calm face but shattered from inside walked towards jeep and sat inside. Everybody was in bone shattering fear as what to expect from the crime scene. They reached to the crime scene. It was an old home, and the owner was murdered as per the constable. His name was Bhup Sinh. Ravindra asked the constable where the body was. He pointed towards the old storeroom.

Ravindra entered the room with Satya while she was still holding his hand. Bhup Sinh’s body was nailed to the wall as it were crucified. Both palms and feet were nailed to the wall using big iron nails. His nails were pulled off. And he was alive while all that happened. No one can imagine the amount of pain he went through before he died. The storeroom was old and dirty and there was no sign of forced entry. Satya and Ravindra both knew there was nothing further to investigate so they both came out of the room. While stepping out Ravindra flashed something and went back to check the room once again. There was a small window opening towards the jungle side. He looked outside with a tremoring heart. It was pitch black outside and nothing else. Once again, not a single scream was heard by the neighbours which was quite not possible.

Ravindra came out and told Satya, ‘Let me drop you home. Your team can collect all the evidence and we will discuss once the post-mortem report is ready.’ Satya nodded and both went home. Satya did not dare to ask Ravindra to stay but Ravindra understood that and stayed without saying anything. Satya went to the kitchen to prepare two cups of coffee for them. Ravindra was sitting on the sofa and thinking what the link among all the four murders was. Was there really a ghost which they encountered before a few hours? Or was it just a hallucination or a mere broadcast of their deep fear? He was so confused. Meanwhile Satya came with coffee and both started to drink quietly. Satya asked, ‘Was it a ghost?’ He said, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts but what happened today it is undeniable. I do not know about ghosts. But I will try to figure out the killer as soon as possible to put an end to this killing spree.’

Instantaneously a loud scarry laughter echoed in the room. All the bulbs started to flicker, and an unexplained heat of cold wave hit the entire room.

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