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It's a relationship without which you and I are all incomplete. Our two hands to make our stone house a home. Not enough, but these two hands also need the other two hands that are lovingly connected. A place in life where a person realizes perfection when he finds his favorite partner. Is.

With the greatest desire and hope to be happy in life, the two characters join together and take a new direction in life,

Do those desires and hopes come true?

Does every man succeed in maintaining this relationship?

Does he really get the happiness he once dreamed of?

Who understands less and who understands more?

Whose fault is it?

The fact that the chariot of life runs on two wheels is sung all over the world. But we take very little interest in understanding its true meaning.

If this chariot is to run on our dreams, both wheels must be spinning in the same direction and at the same speed.

It is very important that the ideas of both the characters stay in tuning with each other. It is also very important that both have the same age of mind.

But here it is the other way around.

Both are trying to run in different directions. Although the positions of the two characters are different, the responsibility to protect each other is the same.

There is only one relationship in the world that the whole world dances on DJ-sound while connecting.

But have we been able to maintain the purity between these relationships?

Do we maintain our relationship with our eyes?

Or from the eyes of the world?

Often we make this mistake. We try to identify our partner based on the response of other people in the world. But there may be times when your partner may be unworthy in the eyes of the world, but there is complete truth in his heart for you.

We should try to understand what our partner feels for us personally when talking to other people, because our love-relationship is endangered when an outside third enters in the personal relationship of both the characters.

No one walks in love. The average of the feelings of both minds should be given importance.

We must maintain this relationship from the point of view of "not mine" but ours.

Why is this relationship given such a beautiful name as “marriage”?

Why did this relationship become a symbol of love?

Where did that love with our partner, which was in his eyes when he took the first step of symbiosis, go?

Have we been able to maintain the limits of this sacred relationship?

What happened to our four scattered hands, which at one time became one in the world by our own will?

What happened to our I Love You that we told our partner before marriage?

Coexistence has not even begun yet, yet the two are sitting back to back!

Why is the space between the fingers of our hands empty today? We have given our partner a chance to fill that space, right?

Forgot the love of the first night, when we just gave each other the feeling of being together for the rest of our lives for the rest of our lives?

Have we been able to cultivate Physical Relation?

The most difficult question between the two characters, if any, is the unbalance of the physical relationship. Where the balance of the physical relationship is disturbed, the love between them begins to falter. As if their love relationship is built on the condition of Physical Relation!

Today we have covered the Physical Relation with mud. When the sign of true holiness is the same! Physical Relation is bound today only to fulfill the desires of the mind.

If we do not respect a sacred relationship like love, then we have no right to say "I Love You" to anyone.

If the balance of physical relation is maintained then the time of confessing love can enrich our life with fragrance.

This relationship should not only be understood as a natural desire, it should be filled with complete feelings. We should try to give each other complete satisfaction by understanding each other's minds.

The opposite partner should be accepted first and then surrendered. Physical Relation is the only way to unconditionally surrender one's feelings, oneself.

It is this relationship that allows us to feel immersed in each other.

Hidden in this silent surrender is wonderful love! Love means dedication, unconditional and complete surrender. And then that very close sense of belonging makes our fragrance happy. There love always remains the same as the newly blossomed total.

It makes sense to give a nice fun definition of love here.

We are giving different definitions about love according to the feeling of our own love.

Some laughing and some crying, but in the true sense of the word, to love our partner, love "does not really matter.

Let’s assume for a moment that both characters have a true sense of love. Both characters give a completely correct definition of love, but if it is different then love is not true even though it is true.

Love between two is true only when both give the same definition of love.

Then even if the definition is actually wrong, the wrong love between the two is also true.

Symbiosis succeeds only when the two become one. But today no one is ready to give up.

Just trying to force each other on their way.

Today, respect between husband and wife is declining. If both of them can talk about what they like and what they don't like, then it will be easier for them to understand each other.

Makes false appearances of love in front of the world, then the same two people are sleeping opposite each other in the bedroom.

Even if they do not tell each other, the reason for their tears is the same, they both regret the same thing. But no one is ready to bow down to each other by forgetting their own arbitrariness, anger, stubbornness, resentment.

If one of the two is ready to bend down, it is possible to sleep single in a double bed!

We must choose a mate who can save us completely, not one who can save us! We must learn to love with an unexpected price. That is our greatest responsibility. Awareness of responsibilities is the first step to understanding.

Where love is based on money and green cards, the fragrance of love is extinguished.

Where it is possible to have true happiness where love is bought! There is more to bargaining for relationships than true dedication.

If the relationship with our partner is bitter, we have a lot of time to sweeten it.

The point here is not to compromise, but to turn to the truth of the relationship.

Where is it necessary to get married only once in a lifetime? We can only remarry our same partner to start a new relationship.

Starting a relationship at some point in life is also a step towards turning to love.

Yes, even if you reach the top at such a time, you have to start from scratch.

But that does not mean that our love is in vain. Walking on such a decision tends to deepen our love, which both of us will need again and again in the future. It also strengthens trust in each other that there will be no misunderstanding between them again.

There is nothing wrong with starting something over, it is usually just an opportunity for our development. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Once we respect our partner, then life will become more beautiful.

Always hold each other's hand, hold the bus even if you don't like it sometimes. Let's make our relationship like a two-eyed relationship. Both eyes blink together, move together, cry and laugh at the same time. They can't see each other, but their unique company never leaves.

Let's make our coexistence beautiful with full acceptance and dedication of each other ....

Let's Say Heartly One More Time I Love You 'Before Decide To Quit... 😍

Just two ways to make coexistence better:

Either make someone your partner who can be completely devoted to you or be the partner of someone who can be completely devoted to you.

- ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ 😍

˙·٠•●♥ [ THANK YOU ] ♥●•٠·˙

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