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When I Understand My Self - 4

⚜ CHAPTER - 4 ⚜



Happily, today the field of education has reached the peak of development. The slave man of the cave has become the owner of a luxurious palace today. The man who used to walk on the earth today has started making the moon his home. Today we have lit up the dark earth with the light of development.

Have we, blinded by the external progress of the world, ever peeked inside us?

Doctors like our God give life by healing a person day and night with great effort. News spread on television that doctors had managed to save lives by treating the impossible, a big party was held in the hospital ... and soon after that another news came that today two professors and three engineers of the city committed suicide because they were fed up with their lives! Is this our developed education today?

Not a day goes by that you don't get the news that someone has committed suicide! In the race for external progress we have succeeded in becoming deer, but somewhere or other we have left life far behind. More than 80 per cent of us young people have the idea of ​​committing suicide many times and half of them even manage to wrap up their lives. Today people are dying more from suicide than from disease. No one has ever found a cure for this disease!

It is a pity that the number of corpses living among us is increasing day by day. Who is really responsible for this burning question?

We are as responsible for the suicide of one of our relatives as we are for ourselves. It is unbelievable, but it is a fact of mine and yours.

Why should we worry about other people in the world? That is why we will not be able to bear the pain of having a loved one commit suicide tomorrow.

No matter who commits suicide, whether it is good, bad, beggar, blind, insane, but it is special for someone or someone. Just as our children are special to us! Is the life of our loved ones safe in such a scorching environment? Are our young children safe today? Are we safe ourselves?

Find a man who doesn't even have a house to live in, works to feed his family, spends the night with his family at the train station, and commits suicide!

In our society, people who fail are always ridiculed.

People talk about failing people. Family members are also critical. And when we hear that a person has committed suicide, we make fun of him by saying that he does not have the courage to live a cowardly, cowardly life. But remember that no man commits suicide of his own free will.

People in the society force him to commit suicide. The whole society does not leave any stone unturned in suppressing the feelings of a person who has suffered a failure from a small age. Where the whole society is overwhelmed by the feelings of such men, it is perfectly appropriate to consider suicide as a brave and courageous act.

Suicide requires more courage than life itself. Rather than giving negative people the negative courage to commit suicide, we can say that we are really educated if we succeed in giving life the courage to live.

Whether people from outside the society support us or not, we should support our family! If we lose some of our loved ones by supporting the nonsense of the society, then the society will never give us a handkerchief to wipe away the tears of regret and sorrow! That is what we have to endure alone! I have no intention of hurting anyone.

I'm just pointing the finger at the real image of me and your life.

We can understand the feelings of a man who is ready to commit suicide only when we feel alone under the blind pressure of society. Then the exclamations about life come out of the mind:

Seeing all this, it seems that we need a lot of light-knowledge other than books. Today we are giving priority to external educational qualification.

If a man does not have a high degree, no one in the society will ask for his price, the bride will not get a good groom, and the groom will get a good bride!

With such a high ideology, we forget to think a little that where the most important relationship of life like marriage is formed on the basis of degree, then it may be considered appropriate to call it a deal of life and not marriage.

What good is a Ph.D. degree if the family doesn't appreciate each other's feelings? What kind of education is needed where only division is rampant!

It is not a matter of opposing education, education must be. But if it is not taught as a way to win life, then such education is considered dead.

Haven't we become such an educated monkey?

Let's not talk about suicide, let's talk about people who have not committed suicide, but need to ask God for death in their minds every day.

We know the pain of so many people who have committed suicide, but what about the people who are living a lonely life!

One cannot share one's feelings with anyone and hides one's mouth from the world alone on a daily basis.

There is no need to brag outside, if we take a closer look at our own family, we will see our relatives living a life of crying with a sad heart.

They never tell us face to face, but we need to be sad. How many of our relatives who are always smiling in front of us are really happy from the heart?

Have we been able to catch the sad points hidden behind their fake happiness?

We do not have to be the same. Within every human being is also hidden a unique personality, which is completely true, real and honest.

Personality may look like a fake, but its shadow is completely real. We do not see the real form of it, or we may not recognize it.

We always look at each person with our eyes, even if we succeed in seeing them with our eyes, we will realize how much love is in them.

Then we realize how much respect he has for us, which we have not been able to recognize till now, then there is no need to ask that person what he needs. If this were possible it would soon be clear how fair and inappropriate we were dealing with it so far.

Don't our children, elders or our partner feel "alone" in our lifetime?

Everybody sleeps at night but till midnight our wife or children are crying in secret.

Raising his sheet, he asked, "What happened?" ‘Could we make a loving attempt to ask?

When we came back home in the evening, how did your day go? 'Have you ever asked our wife such a sweet thing?

Let us and you live the true emotional state together, let the dead education shine, let us become the doctor of emotions, let us penetrate deep into the minds of our relatives and dig deep into the emotions, recognize the reality of its shadow.

Let's be the real educated ...

"I don't want happiness,
I want life
I don't want a bungalow,
I want life
I don't even want money
I want life
I don't even want God,
I want life
I want a sweet company in that life

- Wr.Messi

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