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When I Understand My Self - 2

⚜ CHAPTER - 2 ⚜


‘Feeling lonely’ is a situation in life that no one has left. In his short life, man sometimes feels 'alone'. The reason could be anything, a breakup with a girl friend or a boy friend, salty water turned on the sweet relationship of husband and wife again, loss of business or heavy debt of money, or failure of a young man in exams ...

Each of us has a different way of life, but “being alone” is a situation that is the same for all of us. The biggest cause of all our sorrows - our related world ...

When relationships leave man, when life leaves man on the brink of loneliness, frustration surrounds him, man needs a "companion" who can hold his hand in the dark and make him feel cold with "I am with you". With whom does a man share his sad and depressing feelings? Not necessarily, if a man shares his muffled personal feelings with another person, then the other person will understand him correctly! And maybe even try,

But what if the person in front can't understand it?

So what happens to this kneeling man?

Does he really trust anyone?

Even the reputation he has created in the society does not come to wipe away tears by holding his hand at such a time!

So has the man been relieved by going to the temple and joining hands?

The peace that should be found by putting one's mind before God, is it really found? No, there is only comfort.

Man needs man first, then God! In such a black and white time when all hands are loose, man needs - himself.

This is the only person who can always keep us light. Even God does not help, unless man adopts himself, cannot be honest with him! Without love for oneself even God is only in name. The existence of God is felt only if man can experience love with self,

Whether we value ourselves or not, Harpal always stands with a bouquet of love at every stage of our lives. And at some point in life, if a man succeeds in listening to himself, our own words would be something like this:

How are you ? I am you, the thing within you is your real form. You did not recognize the world, because you did not recognize me. I've been with you ever since you didn't even realize you were yours. There is only one reason for my existence - to enable you to endure every situation that you deserve. I was created to lighten your life and God has enabled me to make you the owner of life-joy.

But it is a pity that so far I have not been able to talk to you, but you have not even looked at me. I look forward to talking to you every moment. I am the inner voice. I call you very quietly at every moment. But you are not used to listening to me.

You could have built a small footpath to reach me, right?

By suppressing my voice you are moving away from real joy. Remember to have your car serviced every month,

But have you ever thought of serving yourself?

You keep trying in vain to keep life fresh by pouring water on the leaves of your tree of life, why don't you understand a common thing that the real need is to give two drops of water to the root of the tree!

You have to connect with me to make your life a real life.

I have to accept you as I am. Don't try in vain to correct me, just accept me.

The moment you accept me, the moment a light flow of love begins to flow in your life. There is only one person in this world who is perfect for anyone with whom he has fallen in love.

You have to make me perfect for you. Don't think I'm great, I'm just hungry for love. Nature has only given you a wonderful gift, that you can take my independent opinions before turning to any situation in your life.

You have to take advantage of this full free scheme of nature! You need to see your life through your eyes as well as through God's eyes.

The circle in which you are living your life, sometimes it is possible to get out of that circle and make it a vision to meet me! Just try to see today, how would you feel if you were the owner? Hope you see me soon.
"God Bless You ...."

It is true that in today's fast paced world, idiots like us who are driving life in last gear do not even notice the slow motion film of self-love!

Without this love, it is impossible to keep the field of life green. And if it is understood, then this is the true God!

"The point here is not to consider oneself God, but to be a part of God."

God is in the bridge of love between us and ourselves! Why can't we see the love flowing in this world until our blind eyes see this incredible love of self?

Because basically you and I are thirsty for love! So let's take a step towards awakening this love for ourselves,

Let us appreciate him by accepting him as he really is, and let us change his one way love towards us so far in full way, by dedicating ourselves to him without any reason, and start a love affair with him, because ....

Discovered on the hill,
Discovered on the ground,
Discovered the abyss and found it even in the sky,
I didn't get what I didn't get,

Face faded,
Life sitting on the edge of a deep stream ...
Morning past evening
Got a point there,
Neither sunlight nor air,
Yet the mind found life at the bottom of the floor ...

Have A Nice Beginning All Of Us...

" In this world no one has ever been, and never will be, holier and greater than yourself." ✍Wr.Messi

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