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When I Understand My Self - 7

⚜ CHAPTER - 7 ⚜



How do we feel when someone of our own ignores us? Don't we just ignore someone? Because if we can't tolerate ignorance, can anyone else?

Respect for our elders is maintained in our home? Love has a very deep relationship with age. As a person gets older, the feeling of positive emotions increases. However, in fact, love is rife in people of all ages. But as long as the brain stays fresh, we cannot feel that feeling. Growing old weakens the mind and makes you feel loved.

If we observe the old people around us, one can conclude that while living life, man finally realizes that there is no fun in living a life that is fake and follows the mind, the real fun is in living the heart.

However, not all older people can accept this. Yet, we must acknowledge that older ones know the truth about life.

It is like looking into the eyes of an old man who has started living from the heart when the brain stops supporting him after living with the whole life and asking about the regrets of his life.

When true understanding develops as the age passes, it is like asking them small things about how they are living their lives with that understanding.

They are less responsible than we are, so their minds are easily drawn to the heart and thinking from the heart.

We must listen to them. But we have always come to ignore them.

Our elders have become a headache for us. Because they want to give their young children the realization of what Real Life knows, which our young generation does not like.

The reason?

False pride of being well educated. This short time pride of our youth does not allow us to know the living God living in our own home.

Tired of quarreling with us, we have seen our old father go out on the Evening Walk and give a big Dairy Milk to a crying baby and make him happy. Yet once upon a time we couldn't even try to think why our old father doesn't love us as much as he loves that crying stranger outside.

Have we ever given our elders a chance to show their love for us?

Our elders do not want anything special, they just want someone to listen to them. It lingers in the mind until no one listens to them. Feeling embarrassed inside. Just once we listen to them, if we just listen to them, they are very satisfied, the mind is calming down, then it doesn't matter whether we implement them or not.

But if we implement it, it is the direct direction of life that matters to us. Yes, it is true that life should be shaped by our own experiences, but that does not mean that we should reject the taunts of elders or veterans.

There is a time of youth where we often feel like the world is asleep, only we are awake.

As if other people in the world are walking with their eyes closed! Friends, our eyes are closed, but not theirs, ours.

It often happens that the reality of life that we cannot see, our elders can easily see it. But when they hit us, we can't accept it.

Because no one likes to bow down to someone.

A man who has become a slave to his own pride needs to be the master of regrets in later life ...

God never appears before us in His original form, but manifests as a real knock when we go astray.

By silencing our elders in small talk we are hitting the ax on our own feet.

Whether we recognize this God or not depends on our humility. Deep down we all know that it is our fault. But we don't have the courage to say "1 Am Sorry Dad" by touching the feet of an old father or mother, leaving the pride of youth to be Well Educated.

Not only does this courage last, but then where does our courage to endure regret go!

Then we bring to life the saying of the laundress with the dog:

‘Neither home nor ghat’.

Let us respect the feelings of our elders. They took care of us,

Now let us take care of them too.

Let's place Purity in the house without ignoring them ...

Let's Be A Responsible ...

" Youth is an afternoon of life in which if a man falls asleep his evening fun is lost. "

- ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ


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