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When I Understand My Self - 10




Mistake ... this is the instinct of all of us. This error is the hallmark of human progress.

Because if a great man like Thomas Alva Edison had not made mistakes many times, we would have had dinner tonight with the help of the dilapidated light of a lamp!

There is no man who has not made a mistake in life. From Gandhiji onwards, even the slum dwellers living in the filth of the city could not escape by mistake.

But the important thing is that an enlightened man like Gandhi made a ladder to move forward with his mistake, while a man left behind by mistake has found nothing out of the mistake. Once we make a mistake we are making one more mistake if we do not correct it.

Our mistakes are proof of our life development, our proof of living life. But we have not learned to admit our mistakes, as a result we have destroyed the evidence of our existence.

Making a mistake is also a big mistake.

We are all wearing glasses of our own illusion. That is why the same situation is seen differently by every single man.

One man can change the whole world with his illusion if he wants to.

The day you live your life with open arms will be the same opportunity, the rest will be calendar dates.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

The one who is the winner, the one who wins, will fall not once but a thousand times, but will stand up again and say,

I Will Play,
I Will Play,
I Will Play,

Assume ... that today is the last day of your life, you know that you are not going to wake up tomorrow morning, so do something today that you can sleep comfortably at night despite knowing death.

Be prepared to lose anything for the work you are doing.

Just remember that ...

That day is not far away ...
When you have everything but no fear of losing anything.

Then even if a man comes in your way and tries to stop you or a million people come and stand in front of you.

No one will be strong enough to stop you, No one will be shake you...

The task of concealing mistakes is much easier, than to prevent the consequences! No mistake is made by mistake.

Our lifestyle of admitting error leads us to honesty.

We also make many mistakes in relationships, but instead of admitting it, we always try to cover it up.

Deep down in our hearts we know that we have not dealt with the person properly. Yet we have always had to prove ourselves right. By giving a heap of arguments, we are finally proving ourselves wrong.

We are not ready to give up our pride, we just have to win everyone.

But what we don't know is that admitting one's mistake to others and bowing down to others is a very big victory within us.

The victory over our pride, the victory over our honesty.

We must always learn to be innocent with ourselves.

So let's admit our mistakes, let's win the world not by argument but by heart, let's win ourselves ....

" Eat all Your Problems Like Your Breakfast, Let's Hug To Our Mistakes. "
- ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ 😍

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