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When I Understand My Self - 6

⚜ CHAPTER - 6 ⚜

❂ ᵂᴴᴱᴺ ᴵ ᶠᴱᴸᵀ ᴹᴱ ᴬᴺ ᴼᴿᴾᴴᴬᴺ ᶜᴴᴵᴸᴰ ❂


Today the echo of freedom has missed the fly towards fodder. Today we are free to live life, to fly as we please. Yes, we are very happy that freedom is ours today. But are those who should really be independent today independent?

Who is the one who needed freedom the most and is today?

These are our children who have not yet received the justice of freedom.

The reason? 🤔

We are the parents, who else can be! Poor thing, do we have a thin estimate of how much fear our child is living in all the time?

As soon as our child reaches the standard of tenth or twelfth, there is artillery fire from the family and society. Brother is twelfth. Yes, be careful! It is a question of life.

Wherever he goes, he is simply given fear and pressure. The heavy responsibility of preserving the reputation of the family is placed on him. Hey my dear friends, your child is going to the board exam, nothing is going in the tiger's den that he needs to be so scared! Let him live in peace!

The pressure from the teachers at school and the pressure of the family when he comes home, the pressure of the society when he goes out somewhere ... He has not even started living life yet

Yet we paint it with the horrors of life. Only once if he is asked that -

“Son! Talk about learning, why is everything going on in your life?

Everything Is Ok?
Any Problem?

If there is any problem, let us know, we will solve it together! 'Even if he is asked so much from the parents, the child will become a light flower! Then he does not feel the burden of learning.

But we just have to run it. With a lot of hard work it brings 90%, and instead of boosting its enthusiasm we say - son, work a little harder, bring 95%... We make the life of a poor person worse ....

Every parent wants their child to achieve something special, to reach even higher than themselves and at the same time to behave in a limited way according to their wishes.

But parents with such high aspirations are failing to give their children proper freedom. The way to reach each position is different.

If our children walk on the road we have painted, how will they reach higher than us? For that, the children have to take their own independent path.

But what justice is this! Two swords in one sheath! Parents who want to see their children above them, when their children take another path, become a thorn in their side.

On the one hand the children feel that their parents do not understand them, on the other hand the parents think that -

"Bachche abhi kachche hai" 😒

But one should learn to handle such a situation realistically.

We should try to understand the attitude of our children towards us.

When in fact the exact opposite situation arises.

We have become a threat to our children. Our children do not share the trivialities of their lives with us.

He does not tell the truth in front of us and then we show his guilt that he has learned to lie against us.

Do we have time to look at ourselves? The real mistake is ours. We have never given our children true faith. We just couldn't seem to get the better of us.

Today we have become its enemy.

The reason? 🤔

We Are Proud To Be Well Educated ☹️

The illusion of parents that their children are small, underdeveloped, crude in understanding life is not ready to understand a small thing that their children also have eighteen years of experience in judging right and wrong!

Even if 45 years of age is more experienced for us, why doesn't the common saying that 18 years is the oldest age for our child come down our throats?

I don’t blame the parents. This is not to say that parents are always wrong.

Nor is it a matter of giving all the exemptions to the children here. But the point here is to give children the right freedom.

But we are Well Educated, ☹️

We have already reached the destination that our children are going through years ago,

Our children are ignorant ... It is our shallow ideology that is responsible for the miserable lives of our children.

This shallow understanding of ours is succeeding in withering our offspring even before they become fragrant.

If we were right here, why did our children get that different form - color - mind - life? Why was he born different from us?

Because freedom is as much ours as it is ours. Why is today's youth turning their backs on their parents?

Most of the blame here lies with the parents. This is wrong by standing in the way of our own children in every matter, it is wrong as our oppressive behavior is killing our children alive.

We have no right to deprive our children of their freedom.

If there is one person in the world who has the closest relationship with a person, it is the mother-child relationship. However, even the "mother" has no right to own her offspring.

We need parents for our children, but we are not 'that'.

Our proprietary lifestyle makes our children a toy, with the remote in our own hands.

I am not misrepresenting motherhood, but I am humbly trying to understand its true meaning. 👍🏼

However, in the true sense of the word, I find it too trivial to address the subject of 'motherhood'.

Only an ideal ‘mother’ can understand and feel it in a good and true way.

It’s a good thing we care about our offspring. But our anxiety increases, not decreases.

Our craze to make our children number one is playing a very important role in hindering the development of our children.

If we want our son or daughter to become a lion or a lioness, we must first become a lion or a lioness.

Often we try to persuade our children, we worry about you so we knock you over and over again.

This behavior of ours becomes the mental torture of our children. Don't worry about it, let it fly, let it move on, increase its enthusiasm. Give him an idea

Let him decide his own direction. Let it rise on its own, even if it is a little late, if it rises on its own, it will never fall back in life.

Let him make his own decisions, misinterpret them, and our relationship with him will be strained when we do not listen to him. And then gradually opaque too.

The fault does not necessarily lie with our offspring alone. We can be wrong too. Just because we are well educated does not mean that we are right everywhere.

We too can fall victim to the generation gap.

The same understanding of life that we get in twenty years, the same understanding comes in our children in seven years. Our pride of being Well Educated is destroying the beautiful lifestyle of our children.

Walking with our eyes closed, we now have to open our eyes, we have to start real motherhood.

We support their independent way of life by handing over a heavy life to their children.

Otherwise, when the grown-up child of tomorrow kicks us out of the house ...

"Where would you regret it now, when the birds ate the field?"

Such a bitter reality has to be accompanied.

We have a great deal of time to make the blurred relationship with our children transparent.

We are older, we are more intelligent, we put our hands on our children's heads, eye to eye, with a sincere heart 1 Am Very Very Sorry son! 'Dare to say,

Otherwise we will not be able to muster the courage to endure the loneliness of later life.

Not trying to improve relationships with our children for the sake of our children will save us when we grow old.

But the effort is to support the feeling that we have true love for them.

We Are Well Educated.
Let's Be Well Sensible Too. 😍

Our Child Is 'Alone' In Our Very Existence.

Let's give him a flying life of laughter, through the wings of our loving heart ...

Let's Be A Childish ... 😍

[ New Definition Of Orphan... ]

Even if their parents are alive, If they do not understand their child, then that child is an orphan.

- ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ

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