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When I Understand My Self - 3

⚜ CHAPTER - 3 ⚜



We are all surrounded by different religions. All religions are constantly evolving through us. The end of the development of religion is linked to the destruction of mankind. From a broader point of view, all religions can be compared to a vase, even though they are divided into many branches, but the origin of all religions is the same.

All religions are playing in the lap of nature. But is there a true religion that can make us feel perfect? What can we call "my religion"? There is a religion that is perfect, of which we have often been and will continue to be. And the name of that Mahadharma is 'Premadharma'.

Our entire creation is full of love. The very existence of nature is flowing in this religion. It is the only religion that can support freedom of heart without any restrictions. This love is the most beautiful child of nature. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also eternal. The age of this religion never increases.

The color of this religion never changes. This religion also has no specific time period. If the first title of something immortal is to be given, it is to be given to love.

This religion is not imprisoned between two volumes of a scripture, nor is it engraved on a gold leaf! There is only one temple of this religion in the whole world. Which is the most beautiful and cozy place in the world. And that wonderful land is our heartland, where this is the palace of Mahadharma.

To understand this religion, one has to understand a unique language, the language of realization. When the melody of realization is heard, new hymns of love begin to be created automatically. The final destination of humanistic rivers is in the ocean of love. The true religion is the one that accepts all religions. Premadharma is the only religion that has accepted all religions as its own religion.

The greatest thing about this religion is that it is a universal religion. There is no heroism that can reach love. Our human religions are the heroic sons of this heroism. If we hold the finger of love, we can become a traveler of love ...

Until we get a real understanding of love, we can't turn to real life. Understanding love is the first step towards life. And that is why understanding love at every stage of life remains inevitable. The point of creation of the whole life is love. It is not possible for life to evolve without love. Because it is not possible to create a soul without love, then the question of life-development becomes secondary.

When two people are bound by marriage, their mutual love and desire to have their own child (which is the same love) when it takes the form of a soul in the womb, it can be said that the ray of love energy was transformed into soul energy, new offspring was created through parental love.

If we think about this on a global level, the whole living world was created due to the love of the living beings of the world towards each other. So at the root of everything. It is evolving and in the end it is also the love element that is discharged in this chhab.

The whole living world is created in the name of love, and in the end it is also going to be dissolved in the same image.

A clear concept of love can give us a small child. It’s understandable that a child loves his little toy.

The natural flow in a child's eyes when playing with a toy shows innate love. The innocent talk between a child and his toy that we can hear can be a victim of the feeling of love. The child keeps asking his toy small innocent questions and also answers them himself.

When a child picks up his little toy from one place and puts it in another, his eyes, his lips, his facial expressions, how innocently he carefully arranges the toy in another place and also talks to her,

If the toy falls down, it raises it, if it is a small doll, it straightens its hair, cleans the clothes and if the toy is slightly damaged, the child's innocent life is also saddened ...

If we can instill in our hearts this innocent and instinctive love of a child for his toy, then it will be possible to have an unparalleled feeling of love.

When our six-month-old baby sits in our lap and spoils our clothes, we don’t blow him. But we smile in front of her and kiss both her cheeks with love. 🥰

The feeling of these spoiled clothes is the same feeling of unrequited love. A feeling that makes our hearts laugh.

One thing to keep in mind here is that life is hit by only three things, love, love and love '. Where there is love there is everything, and where there is no love there is nothing in spite of everything.

Love has a special contribution to make in the journey of creation - from amoeba to human. Even after such a long journey, love has remained fresh and fresh, it has not faded at all.

When the existence of a 'true lover' is endangered in this creation, then the existence of God has come to an end. And to imagine happiness in life without God is a high level of stupidity.

Love religion is not understandable, to understand it you have to be its guardian, you have to experience love. So, let us cover the love spread in our beautiful creation, embrace love and become the digger of God's lap ...

Let's be the real religious ...

"Love makes life life" ✍Wr.Messi


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