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Revenge of the Ghost - 29

The entire hut was filled with curiosity as the story narrated by Shankarbaba was about to take a gruesome turn. Suddenly there was a police siren, and everybody was shocked to hear that as that hut was quite unknown to most of the people around the village. But to Shankarbaba’s surprise the jeep was there and a few constables were there in the jeep too. The constable almost jumped out of the jeep and ran towards the hut but to his surprise he was greeted by the most dangerous dog he could ever possibly see. The dog jumped at the constable and constable fell. The dog pushed the constable under his gigantic but razor-sharp claws and dog was barking and its jaw was looking like a skull grinding machine with blades of steel. The constable was petrified to his core and slowly screaming Ravindra’s name.
Baba came out with Ravindra and Shashtriji. Baba whistled and the dog backed out. Ravindra went and helped the constable to stand up. Ravindra was surprised to see him there as he did not inform anyone at the police station about his whereabouts. The constable was still under that horrific incident and forgot why he was there. Baba gave him a glass of water and the constable gulped the entire glass within a second. He was calm and then he said, ‘Sir, please come to the Police Station as soon as possible. There is something going on in the Police Station and you must see that.’ Ravindra asked, ‘what happened and why are you so afraid. And most importantly who told you that I am here.’
Then the constable said, ‘Sir we went to Satyamam’s place, and she told us that you are here, and she also showed us the way too.’ Now it was Ravindra, and everyone else’s turn to get surprised. Ravindra could not believe his ears and he held the constable by his shoulders and shook him extremely hard and asked again, ‘Did you meet Satya and Was she ok ???’ The constable could not understand the meaning of the statement and just stood motionless without any expression on his face. Ravindra ran like a rocket and jumped in the jeep and started to drive. Shashtriji and Baba could not move an inch and the jeep vanished leaving a cloud of dust. Baba looked worried as he knew that she was not Satya.
Baba told Shashtriji, ‘Let us go as Ravindra would need our help.’ Ravindra drove like a maniac and reached Satya’s home. The jeep stopped. Ravindra’s heartbeats were skyrocketed. He just froze and could not decide to get in. He gathered all the strength in his body and dragged himself into the house. With shaking fingers and a sinking heart, he knocked the door. There was no sound and no movements either. He tried the door and to his surprise the door was open, and he entered. There was nobody in there, Ravindra screamed his lungs out and called Satya’s name again and again but no reply. The walls of the house were silent witnesses of such a grief which can kill a normal man, but it was Ravindra, and he was very strong.
The constable said, ‘Sir, madam was here only before half an hour when I came here. I swear.’ Deep down his heart Ravindra knew that but still he took a chance and came here. Ravindra said, ‘Let us go to the station.’ Everyone sat in the jeep and started towards the station.’ None of them was aware of the danger they were about to witness. That day was going to be the worst day of everybody’s life from that Police Station. They were about to reach the station and something terrible happened. The tree alongside the road turned alive and filled with two fiery red dots on every leaf. It was very scary as it was still a day and there was no daylight. The entire area was blanketed with the worst kind of darkness. The darkness which can choke you to death.
And then the entire road was filled with some sort of creature having red fiery eyes. And they were looking angry and flew with a great speed towards the jeep and covered the jeep from every side within fraction of seconds. They were looking very ugly, and hungry for human flesh. They started to attack everyone including Ravindra. Ravindra could not understand what to do and he was just trying to save his head like everyone else. A beam of white light created chaos among those creatures, and it looked like they got scared. Ravindra looked in the back mirror and found Shashtriji with Baba. Baba was chanting something, and a small magical ball started to appear between his hands, and he threw that ball of fire and light towards the birds, and they disappeared.
Will Baba be able to save Ravindra and everyone else? What will happen next? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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