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Prominent Women Entrepreneur

Prominent Women Entrepreneur
This is the story of a girl named Rajni who lived at a small town in Rajasthan. Being a girl she was not allowed to study in school but her brother was allowed to study. She was forced to do homework only and was not allowed to follow her dreams and stayed at home only.
In this manner she grew up and became downhearted that she could not study.
After completing !8 years Rajni got married to Mohan Sharma. They were happily married. Her husband was understanding and affectionate. He always had supported her every time she needed help and made her study the techniques of any business with creativity. They had a lovely bond with each other.
Being a Women, she thought of a creative art which she noticed nearby.
A few months later Rajni decided to learn unique creative art.
After two months she started her own business of creative and divergent art of stylish bags with a team of ladies.
With Rajni’s lot of efforts and adherence wholeheartedly, steadily her business and team of ladies started growing. Customers were extremely happy with her magnificent work.
After one year she met Radha who was her next door neighbour. She suggested her to design online and sell these stylish bags.
After few months she learnt the procedure from Radha accurately but she was perplexed whether to begin this business or not.
After rational thinking she thought to start online design with one bag.
She had to work efficiently and tremendously hard at the commencement to understand the concept, but gradually her sales started increasing . Consequently, her business went on expanding.
Rajni had to increase the workers gently due to her elaboration of business.
After few months Rajni was invited to Germany for her presentation of her stylish bags.
She researched and studied how to give a presentation of her stylish bags.

After few days Rajni reached Germany to conduct a presentation with some team of ladies.
Her presentation was successful and People were so impressed by her wonderful work that they also purchased handful of bags she had brought along with her and also received bulk order for bags.
In such a way Rajni’s business started scaling up and then it started developing across the globe.

Rajni’s customers started multiplying day by day.
Years passed and Rajni’s business attained heights and she was appreciated by large number of customers.
After few months Rajni Sharma was honoured by the chief Minister of Rajasthan and was awarded as the best Entrepreneur of the state. This was the happiest and proud moment of her life.

After few days Interview was taken of Rajni Sharma regarding her journey as an entrepreneur and her name appeared in Rajasthan’s top magazine as the best entrepreneur of the state. People were motivated by her various inspirational thoughts and ideas and she became renowned not only In India but even globally.
This was possible due to guidance from her husband and Radha.
Rajni was thankful to Radha who showed her appropriate way of expanding her business.
Mohan was proud of Rajni’s fruitful success and love for her work.

Once a women determines to pursue her dream, by hook or by crook she strives hard to accomplish it.